Facilities Management

Building Representatives

Each building on the campus of Western Illinois University has a building representative. The primary purpose of this person is to communicate issues to and from Facilities Management. Many departments designate a departmental contact person, who works directly with Facilities Management when services are needed. Where this procedure has been implemented, costs and time loss have been minimized, thus creating better rapport between departments and Facilities Management.

Building Representatives
Building Rep 1 Rep 2
Alumni House Amy Spelman Judy Eckerly
Art Gallery William Clow Charles Wright
Beu Health Center Mary Margaret Harris John Smith
Walt McGath
Brophy Hall Janet Wigglesworth Katrina Daytner
Browne Hall Sharon Evans Bart Shanklin
Cinemas Ted Renner William Digger Oster
COFAC Recital Hall Joan Herbert Bart Shanklin
Currens Hall Dr. Mark Boley Dr. Aimee Shouse
DPS Building Laura Caldwell Trent Sullivan
East/University Village Joe Roselieb John Biernbaum
Farm Buildings William Bailey Brent Heaton
Garage Brian Beck Patrick Dowdall
Garwood Hall Charles Wright Robert Brownlow
Golf Course Mel Blasi Milly MacDonell
Greenhouse Jeff Hillyer Mike Romano
Heating Plant Mark Anselment Monte Colley
Heating Plant Annex (upper level) Richard Moreno Kellie Arnold
Heating Plant Annex (lower level) Charles Wright Sharon Evans
Horn Field Campus Mindy Pheiffer Katrina Daytner
Horrabin Hall Katrina Daytner Nancy Still
Kibbe Life Science Station Sean Jenkins Mike Romano
Knoblauch Hall Clayton “Ray” Diez Dr. Andy Baker
Lamoine Village Joe Roselieb John Biernbaum
Library Mary Day Greg Phelps
Memorial Hall Pete Jorgensen Jim DiTulio
Morgan Hall James Schmidt Russ Morgan
Mowbray Hall Scott Harris Thomas Clark
Multicultural Center Janine Cavicchia
Gabe Lara
Physical Plant, Grigsby Eldon Morrison Ted Renner
Physical Plant East Eldon Morrison Ted Renner
Residence Halls Joe Roselieb John Biernbaum
Sallee Hall William (Buzz) Hoon Bart Shanklin
Seal Hall Joe Roselieb John Biernbaum
Sherman Hall William Digger Oster Danette Phelps
Simpkins Hall Mark Mossman Jim Schmidt
Stipes Hall Kathleen Neumann Bill Polley
Student Recreation Center Milly MacDonell Nick Knowles
Tillman Hall Peter Calengas Jim Schmidt
Diane Edwards
University Residence Paula Rhodes Margaritta Fields
University Services Ken Thermon Jonathan Ahl
University Union Ann Comerford Ashley Katz
Waggoner Hall Charles Lydeard Karen Sears
Western Hall Matt Tanney Patrick Osterman
WIU-Quad Cities Steve Whan Bill Brewer
Wright Residence Kathy Meyers Tracy Scott