Facilities Management

Your guide to Moving Services

In the Building Services Department, we have a small group of workers that provide moving services for the entire campus. We operate 2 trucks, with 2 workers in each, for daily deliveries to the Bond and General buildings. We also run 1 General truck with 2 workers on 2nd shift.

We not only move supplies, surplus property, maintenance equipment and recyclables; we also provide assistance with setups for sporting events and other events such as Discover Western, Convocation and the Purple and Gold Gala to name a few. Pretty much everything, except events at the University Union, is done through our moving dept.

Getting Started

Once you determine a need for moving services, you start the process by filling out a service request and sending it to Building Services in Facilities Management. Surplus or inventory transfers must be sent directly to Property Accounting for approval. We cannot perform any moving services until we receive copies of the approved request. This can be done through campus mail, e-mail or even by phone for small requests. You may also complete your request by using Sprocket (WIU's work order software), if you have access to the program.

We make every attempt to fulfill the requests as they come in to us, so we encourage you to get your service request in as early as possible. Requests received within 48 hours of requested completion date may not be possible to complete due to scheduling.

Specific dates and times for moving also can become problematic if requests are not made in advance. With that said, we realize that last minute or emergency situations do come up. In these cases we will adjust our schedules to accommodate you whenever possible. Please keep in mind the old adage "lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours".

Filling Out a Request

You can use Who, What, When and Where as a guideline for the information to include.

Who: the person or department requesting service.

Please include the phone number for a contact person for any questions we may have.

What: brief description of the items to be moved.

Please keep in mind that before items can be moved outside of your department, it must be cleared through Property Accounting. We cannot remove any inventory items until we have this approval. The Property Accounting Dept. may be contacted at 298-3118.

Also, items attached to walls or furniture to be disassembled to move, will need the assistance of carpenters. This will require a separate request sent to the Building Maintenance department at Facilities Management. Please go through your Building Representative to assist you with this process.

Other considerations when moving furniture/office items include: desks and top 2 drawers of filing cabinets emptied.

When: time of event or move.

Routine or Surplus requests do not need to be assigned a time as they are completed as they come in. If your needs involve set ups for events or other moves that have specific dates and times, please include these in your request and they will be, to the best of our ability, put on the schedule for that day and time. As mentioned above, we encourage you to get these requests in as soon as possible to give us time to get them scheduled.

Please keep in mind our department moving crew regular shift hours when turning in your request.

    • 1st Shift - 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, M-F
    • 2nd Shift - 4:30 pm to Midnight, M-F

All moves that have times that won't work with these hours will require a budget # to schedule Over Time for completion.

Where: location and ending point or set up location.

Please include where the item is located in the building and a final destination for the items being moved. We do have our second shift handle some of our requests, so we ask that the items be grouped together in 1 location and tagged if possible. If you would prefer daytime service, please include that on your request and we will do our best to make it happen.

Any requests that involve a return of items, as after an event or set up, need to have the time included that the items may be picked up and returned.

Large Scale Moves

If you have a need for a large scale move, please contact us at Facilities Management. We will schedule a site visit for you to communicate your needs and coordinate the logistics of the move.

Hopefully this will help guide you through the process of submitting Service Requests. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to call. We may be reached by phone at 309-298-2855. You may also reach us via e-mail at kd-hare@wiu.edu or hl-ausbury@wiu.edu as primary contacts. Additional contacts are Matt DeWitt (jm-dewit@wiu.edu), Randy Smith (dr-smith2@wiu.edu), or Vickie Tait (vt-tait@wiu.edu).