Facilities Management

Landscape Fixtures

Concept Plan Map

In order to give exterior campus areas a more cohesive feel, the University is looking to standardize many of the landscape fixtures located throughout the campus grounds. The diverse architectural styles of existing campus buildings can make this a challenge; therefore some of these fixtures will be offered in different options dependent upon location.

This map was created as part of the University Master Plan in 2007, and serves to group together areas of similar use and aesthetics. These zones will identify the style of landscape fixture that is appropriate for a particular space.

Seating Areas

Concrete Pavers
Photo of Brick Commons area
  • Available engraved with names or a special message
  • Color specified is a blend of charcoal, red, and beige that coordinates with exterior masonry of existing campus buildings
  • Permeable pavers in the same color/style are also available for use in appropriate areas
  • These versatile pavers are recommended for all districts
Photo of type of bricks Photo of personalized/memorial brick
  • Available with engraved plaques
  • Color specified is a bronze powder-coat on the frame, and "redwood" (tan) recycled plastic slats, coordinating with existing campus building architecture
  • Recommended for all districts
Metal Table
  • Powder-coated steel and coordinate with proposed bench style #1
  • In bronze
  • Recommended for all districts

Pedestrian Fixtures

Bicycle Racks
Bicycle Rack
  • This modular system, available per loop, solves small/tight space problems and allows for flexibility in that additional loops can be installed as need increases.
  • In bronze
  • Recommended for all districts
Trash/Recycling Receptacles
Bicycle Rack
  • Made of recycled plastic material
  • Integrated recycling receptacle expands recyclable options
  • Sturdy design prevents tipping
  • Available with attractive purple WIU logo
  • In tan/bronze to match benches and tables
Decorative Bollards
Pathway Lighting - Decorative Bollards
  • Mark pathways, direct pedestrian flow and create safety barriers between pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • available with solar LED lighting
  • In bronze
  • Recommended for all districts

Style #1

Lighting - Style 1
  • Ornate style recommended for historic district
  • LED available
  • Black finish

Style #2

Lighting - Style 2
  • Top Hat style are sleeker, more contemporary
  • Recommended for general lighting in all other districts
  • LED available
  • Bronze finish

Style #3

Lighting - Style 3
  • Shoebox style are simple, functional
  • Recommended in parking lots for all districts
  • LED available
  • Bronze finish
Tree Grates

Style #1

Tree Grate - Style 1
  • minimize compaction around trees in paved areas
  • Available with light openings and custom plaques
  • black powder coat finish available or untreated to weather to aged patina
  • Minimum 85% recycled content
  • Style #1 recommended in historic district

Style #2

Tree Grate - Style 2
  • Style #2 recommended for all other districts.