Administrative Services

AED Location List

(Automated external defibrillator)

Western Hall Training Rooms (Football, Baseball)  Portable, and are present at each practice and returned to the rooms after practice.

OPS Squad Cars – Currently, 4 squad cars contain portable AEDs.

Western EMS – Emergency bus is equipped with portable defibrillator.

Beu Health Center (2) – First floor portable AED inside of the procedure room 108; additional portable unit behind nurse’s station desk.

Horn Field Campus  In the office of Horn Field Campus; portable.

Spencer Student Recreation Center (4) – First floor, in-between the courts, located outside the boys bathroom and also near the bottom of the stairs near the elevators; Third floor, in the track area near the elevators and also by the bridge directly across from the boxing room, as well as in the aquatics area on the east wall. Additionally, there is an AED for the Vince Grady Field located in the intramural building.

Mussatto Golf Course  Located inside the club house, and is portable

University Union (3) –  Main level, floor one cafeteria, directly across from Burger King and next to the service center desk; second floor outside the operations office; and third floor near the Nauvoo Room and restrooms.

COFAC Recital Hall  Outside of room 502, first floor to the left of the entrance

Western Hall Gymnasium – First floor gymnasium, near the football office room 104 on the northwest side of the gym.

Stipes Hall – First floor to the right of the dean’s office, room 101

Hainline Theater – To the far right of the hallway of the first floor, near the exit and outside of room 01104

Brophy Hall (2) – 1st floor right of men’s/women’s restrooms, above water fountains and by gymnasium and 1st floor women’s locker room by the pool, by NW entrance.

Horrabin Hall  1st floor outside room 96, by west entrance.

Alumni House  1st floor on the front east side of the sun room.

Corbin/Olson Cafeteria  In cafeteria by tray return area.

Morgan Hall  1st floor to the right of elevators and women’s restrooms.

Malpass Library  2nd floor (main floor) by Access Services next to copier area.