Administrative Services

Billing & Receivables

Sherman Hall 103: 309/298-2051
Sherman Hall 106: 309/298-1831
Veterans Affairs: 309/298-3147 Fax: 309/298-2032

The Billing and Receivables Office is responsible for billing and collecting monies due the University. The Sherman Hall 103 location is responsible for maintaining the student billing and receivable system and the Federal Perkins Loan systems, processing of class certifications for Veterans, and loan collections. The Sherman Hall 106 location has employees on call to answer account questions, short-term loan requests, transcript exceptions, WESTEL increase requests, and registration exceptions. The Sherman Hall 106 location is also responsible for processing of class certifications for Veterans, processing departmental deposits, and collecting past due receivables. Both locations can accept billing address changes and refund requests.

Depositing Cash and Checks

In order to be in compliance with Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 30, Section 230/2 (30 ILCS 230/2), money received by any department in the University must be deposited as follows:

Single check $10,000 or more, should be delivered to Billing and Receivables Office, Sherman Hall 106 by 2:00 p.m. the same day.

Other deposits must be made by interdepartmental mail or delivered in person to the Union Service Center or the Billing and Receivables Office, Sherman Hall 106 as follows:

  • Accumulation of funds $10,000 or more, within 24 hours
  • Accumulation of funds $500 to $10,000, within 48 hours
  • Less than $500, weekly

Cash deposits should never be mailed. A drop box is provided for deposits made when the office is closed, located outside Sherman Hall 100.

A Cash Deposit form must be completed to deposit cash and checks. One account number and four income subcode numbers may be used per deposit slip. Multiple checks should be accompanied by a calculator tape. All checks must be endorsed as written and include the department account number.

The Union Service Center or the Billing and Receivables Office will verify and validate the deposit slip for all monies received. The receipt(s) will be returned to the initiating department.

Local account income subcodes are given to the fiscal agent at the time an account is established. There are different types of subcodes for various types of income. Please call the Business Services Office to request a new subcode when a different type of income is received.