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October 22-28


Oct. 24: Basketball Contest for Female Students

A basketball contest was held on campus for female students to increase their knowledge of the game and to build camaraderie.

Oct. 25: Public Schools President Speaks at Normal School

John Cook, president of the McDonough County public schools, spoke at Western Illiois. President Cook’s message focused on the importance of having the new normal school in Macomb and how it would benefit the schools and education standards of the country in the years to come. All educators in Macomb and the surrounding county were invited to attend.

Oct. 28: Replacement Professor Arrives

Former Oneida (IL) School Principal R.V. Field took over Professor Wilkinson’s teaching position while he was recovering from an illness.


Oct. 22: Western’s Y.W.C.A Chapter Receives New Members

The Western Illinois State Normal School's chapter of the Y.W.C.A. welcomed more than 200 new members to its ranks. The new members were welcomed into the society during a candlelight ceremony, which was followed by Miss Heegard giving a speech to the crowd, titled “The Beauty and Character of Womanhood.”

Oct. 24: Halloween Party a Great Success

A Halloween party was held in the school gymnasium on Oct. 23. Students who attended enjoyed a “Witches and Ghosts Dance,” Coach Roberts played the calliope, and refreshments of pumpkin pie and homemade ice cream were served.

Oct. 28: Hayrack Rides for Academy Students

Students and faculty of the teacher training program offered hayrack rides for the 11th and 12th graders of the Academy School Oct. 27. The group met in front of the Main Building (Sherman Hall) at dusk, and set off into the night for ttours around Macomb and the surrounding countryside, returning to the normal school about 10 p.m.


Oct. 22: Western Outlasts Northern Illinois 28-27 in Homecoming Win

The Western Illinois football team emerged as the winners in a close homecoming contest with the Northern Illinois Huskies. After being down 13-7 at the half, the Leathernecks came back to score 21 points in the second half, allowing them to pull out a one point victory at a sold out Hanson Field.

Oct. 25: New Women’s Lounge Completed

A new lounge and study space for female students at Western opened on this day. The lounge was located in the basement of Morgan Gym, in former classroom C-1.

Oct. 26: Entrance Sign Completed

The new entrance sign - “Western Illinois State College, Founded 1899” - was completed, located at the corner of Adams and Charles streets. Funds for the sign were raised by the Student Council during the 1949-1950 school years.


Oct. 22: Presidential Election Forum Held at WIU

Representatives for presidential candidates Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, spoke to students and faculty in the Sandburg Theatre. Congressman Tom Railsback spoke on Reagan’s behalf, while downstate Illinois Political Director Manker Harris spoke for Carter. Both men spoke on the main points of their candidate's platforms, as well as challenging their opponent's political records and policies.

Oct. 23: Agriculture Awareness Day at Western

The WIU Department of Agriculture and the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity partnered together to hold an Agriculture Awareness Day in the campus mall area near Stipes and Waggoner halls. Different machines and groups of livestock were displayed, and talks were given throughout the day on agriculture's importance to the region.

Oct. 26: Higgins Hall Starts Recycling Program

Higgins Hall Starts Recycling Program: Higgins Hall started a recycling program focused on collecting aluminum cans. Program Director Ross Weller was optimistic that 1,000 lbs. of cans a month (worth around $250) could be collected. He said that if the program was a success, it might be duplicated in other residence halls.

October 15-21


Oct. 15: First Student Organizations Started

On this day, both the Emersonian and Platonian Literary Societies were started at Western Illinois State Normal School. These literary societies strived for the self-development of members in the oratorical, literary, and musical fields. These two societies were based on similar student organizations at Illinois State and Northern Illinois State Normal Schools.

Oct. 17: Students View Lunar Eclipse

Due to the solar eclipse, students of the new Normal School, as well as residents of the city of Macomb, gathered on the lawn of the Main Building (now Sherman Hall) to witness the event from 10:30 p.m. to midnight.

Oct. 20: Construction of Bridge in the Ravine

City workers began work on a bridge over the stream in the ravine on the northeast side of campus. Along with the bridge, several walking paths were planned with the hopes that the area would be used by both students and Macomb residents for nature walks and picnics.


Oct. 15: Student Pep Rally Held

Mr. Dean Crump, who represented both the academy and varsity football teams, led a pep rally for the student body. The purpose of the rally was to excite the student body about their athletic teams after an opposing school accused the school’s student body of having “no pep,” to which the athletic department and President Morgan took much offense.

Oct. 16: W.I.S.N. Banquet HeldPresident Morgan

The annual Western Illinois State Normal School Banquet for faculty, alumni, and friends was held in Galesburg at the city's Elk’s Club. President Morgan was the event's speaker.

Oct. 16: Cross Country Team Formed

A cross country team, open to all male students, was organized by Coach Charles Roberts. It was the coach's hope for the team to begin its training during this week, with the intentions of holding a cross country competition at Western Illinois State Normal School in early November. The purposed course was 3 miles long and featured several obstacles including creeks, fences, and many steep hills.


Oct. 15: Former Home Ec Student Speaks of World Travels

Marion McKinney, a former student in the Home Economics Department at Western, spoke to students about her travels around the world, including her time living in communist China.

Oct. 16: Work Done to Morgan Gym Pool

Work started on the Morgan Gym pool enclosure. Once work was completed, students enjoyed the pool year-round.Caroline Grote Hall 1950

Oct. 20: Caroline Grote Holds Tea for Returning Alums

Caroline Grote held an afternoon tea for the returning alumni from the classes of 1925 and 1940 in the new wing of Grote Hall. This was the first time many alumni had seen the improved building. The new wing, that was completed in Spring 1950, allowed the residence hall to house 165 female students.


Oct. 15: Director Says Beu Health Fees to Increase

Due to a spike in usage at the Beu Student Health Center, Director Dr. Charles Hughes announced that student health fees would be raised. Staff was limited to serving the campus from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MondayFriday (except for emergencies), but a major increase in after-hours medical aid was noted as students were increasingly visiting the Health Center after normal business hours.

Oct. 16: A Study of WIU’s Admission Standards to be Completed

The Council on Administration, Graduation, and Academic Standards (CAGAS) announced that it would conduct a full scale study of the academic standards at WIU. Students needed to be in the top half of their graduating classes, or have a minimum ACT score of 22 to be admitted to WIU. Due to declining enrollment, the study proposed looking at the possibility of allowing students ranked in the top two-thirds of their classes or with minimum ACT scores of 19 to also be admitted.Bob Hope at WIU's Homecoming 1980

Oct. 20-21: Big Names Entertain at Western’s Homecoming

The 1980 homecoming was marked by the presence of two nationally-known entertainment acts: comedian Bob Hope, and the band Van Halen. Hope kept his audience laughing for the entire two hours of his show Friday night, while Van Halen put on a “rocking” concert for the nearly sold out crowd at Western Hall Saturday night.

October 8-14


First Month's Operating Expenses

After being a fully-functioning school for nearly one month, the bills arrived. The cost for the first month of operation: $23,458.74. WISNS was provided $30,000 by the State of Illinois, so Western easily paid its bills.

Mandatory Choir For Students

Beginning Oct. 14, it was decided that every day from 2:55-3:15 p.m. when school was in session, that all students would gather in the Sherman Hall Auditorium for choir practice. This was done to build a sense of community among the students, as well as expose them to the arts.


Homecoming King and Queen Election

Bill Griffin and Ruthe Thomson were elected king and queen for the 1950 homecoming activities. Griffin was the Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity's candidate, and Thomson was Pi Kappa Sigma sorority's candidate. Both were a part of the Class of 1951.

Home Economics Department Sets Up New Centers

Western's Home Economics Department (now called Family and Consumer Sciences) established three off-campus teaching centers in Kewanee, Galesburg, and Jacksonville. These centers allowed home economics majors to practice their teaching skills in a real-world setting.

"Western On the Air" Resumes

The radio program "Western On the Air" began its third season. The program discussed campus events and provided information about what was going on around the community. It aired Monday through Friday on WKAI 1510AM.

October 1-7


Western's Board of Trustees Meet

The Board of Trustees met Oct. 3 to discuss the operations of the newly-opened school. Some of the highlights were:

  • Tri-City Construction in the Quad Cities was selected to continue working on the Normal School Building's interior (Sherman Hall).
  • Janitors' salaries were raised from $40 to $45.
  • Trustee Ross moved to hire a night watchman for the school.Western's Faculty Board meets

Western's Faculty Board Meets

The Western Illinois State Normal School Faculty Board met Oct. 7. They discussed several things, including the continuation of the experimental class schedule, which was implemented at the beginning of the year. The schedule featured seven 45-minute periods. Classes were taught Tuesday through Saturday, with students getting Sunday and Monday off.


Homecoming Rules Set By Student Council

Campaigning for homecoming king and queen began this week in history. After the previous year's campaign, some new rules were presented by the student council, including no posters were to be placed on walls, and loudspeakers on cars were prohibited.Hanson Field photo

Western Beats Illinois State

The Western Illinois football team outlasted the Illinois State Redbirds 14-7. Both teams scored early in the first quarter, but it wasn't until Mickey Reynolds scored a touchdown late in the fourth quarter that the Leathernecks took the lead and eventually won.

Singers Blue Barron and Betty Clark Hired for Homecoming

Blue Barron and Betty Clark provided the entertainment for the Homecoming dance. Barron was a Big Band orchestra leader and was popular with college students around the country.



September 24-30

September 17-23