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November 19-25


Nov. 20: Trustees Meeting Held in Chicago

The Board of Trustees for the Western Illinois State Normal School met and conducted their meeting at the Office of the State Architect in Chicago. The reason for the unique location was that the Board had many bills to pay, contracts to settle, and plans for the continuation of the Main Building's (now Sherman Hall) construction to discuss. Additionally, the Board voted to relieve the Macomb Citizens Committee of any further obligations in the construction and operation of the State Normal School.

Nov. 23: Thanksgiving Break

The State Normal School announced that it would be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, starting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and continuing through the following Tuesday.

Nov. 24: Literacy Societies Hold Joint Party

Both of the Normal School's literary societies, The Emersonians and The Platonians, held a joint Thanksgiving dinner and party.Caroline Grote


Nov. 19: Grote Enforces Rules for Female Students

A meeting was called by Caroline Grote for all local families who had female students living with them. At the time WISNS had only one residence hall, so many students rented rooms. Grote informed the families who leased rooms that she had updated female student code of conduct, and she highly recommended that all families housing female students enforce the rules.

Nov. 19: Drama Club Performance

The Green Door Drama Club completed a two-night showing of the fall musical, “The Neighborhood,” directed by Lee Compt.

Nov. 22: Student Band Holds Performance

The Western Illinois State Normal School Band held its first public performance. The band, directed by E. Eller, was comprised of volunteers from the normal school student body.


Nov. 20: Thanksgiving Dinner Held for StudentsPaul Swain

The annual Student Thanksgiving Dinner was held in Grote Hall.

Nov. 21: Art Professor Named to Board

Paul Swain was named to the Illinois Art Education Foundation's Board of Directors. Swain, an assistant professor of art, came to Western in 1945 and taught art classes for college students and for students in the Laboratory School.

Nov. 22: Student Gives Music Concert

Edward Pease performed in concert for WIU students in the Sherman Hall auditorium. Pease, a senior, sang several classical selections, such as exerpts from Handel's "The Messiah."


Nov. 19: WIU Student Honored by City of MacombMike Maher

WIU student Mike Maher was awarded as the 1980 Outstanding Citizen of Macomb by the Macomb City Council. Maher, a business administration major, was a wide-receiver on the WIU football team for three years, earning All-American Team status following his performance during the 1980 season.

Nov. 20: Blood Drive Success

A blood drive, was sponsored by the Alpha Phi Omega Sorority and the Beu Health Center held on campus collected 577 pints of blood from donors. This feat put WIU in the top 10 for university blood drives in the United States.

Nov. 24: Western Awarded Two Microcomputers

The WIU Biological Sciences Department was awarded two new microcomputers by the Apple Education Foundation. These new microcomputers, which had a combined worth of $11,118, were programmed so students could use them for self-instruction in science.

November 12-18


Nov. 16: Athletic Events Admissions Charge Initiated

Starting with the Normal School football game vs. Biggsville High School, a fee was charged to watch school athletic events. Prices were set at 5 cents for students and 25 cents for adults. This upset several people since Western's two previous football games were free of charge.


Nov. 12: Alumni Hold Fundraiser Dance for Yearbook

The Normal School's senior class held a charity dance for the school’s alumni in the main building (Sherman Hall). More than 100 alumni and their dates attended the event. Proceeds went to the school's yearbook, The Sequel.

Nov. 17: Grote Hall Elevator

An elevator was installed in Grote Hall, with Mr. Medus hired as the elevator operator.

Nov. 18: New Commercial Department Head Announced

R.R. McClurg was selected as the new head of the school's commercial department. Before coming to Western, McClurg taught in the commercial department at Valparaiso and at the State Normal School of North Dakota.


Nov. 12: Kosmopolitan Klub Field Trip

The WIU Kosmopolitan Klub returned from a two-day field trip. The club spent a day visiting several Lincoln sites in Springfield, and one day in Hannibal, MO, touring the boyhood home of Mark Twain, the Mark Twain Cave, and Hannibal’s famous lighthouse.

Nov. 15: Industrial Arts Club Christmas Cards

The Western Illinois Industrial Arts Club announced that it would sell Christmas cards featuring a winter scene of Sherman Hall.

Nov. 16: Sorority Recruitment Begins

Western's sororities began recruiting for the second quarter. Many sororities, such as Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma, had rush parties with refreshments for both new members and pledges.


Nov. 12: Student Employment

The University announced that more than 1,800 students are employed on campus. The jobs ranged from office secretaries and library assistants to janitorial workers. The campus food service department, SAGA, employed the majority, with approximately 600 student workers.

Nov. 14: Campus Lighting Improved

Due to an increase in concerns about the “darkness” of the Western campus, Physical Plant Director George Connell announced that new lights would be added around many areas of campus. The areas receiving new lights included the ravine area by East Village, the pathways from Western Hall to the Union, Q-Lot, and near Grote Hall.

November 5-11


Nov. 7: First Term Ends

The inaugural fall term of the Western Illinois State Normal School was completed. At this time the year was divided into four terms (fall, winter, spring, and summer).Aledo High School football 1907

Nov. 9: Quincy High Beats Normal School in Football

The second game of the state normal school’s inaugural season was played against Quincy High School, which beat Western 16-0. It was common in the early years of the school’s sports programs to schedule contests against both college and high school teams.

Nov. 10: Professor Meyer Gives Speech on Religion and Education

State Normal School Professor I. F. Meyer gave a presentation on the role that religion and the church played in education. In addition to his work at the normal school, Professor Meyer was a regular speaker at churches in the McDonough County towns of Good Hope and Emmet.


Nov. 5: Western Holds Mock Election

The normal school students held a mock “straw-poll” election. Just as in the real election, Warren G. Harding won the election in a landslide.

Nov. 5: Motion Picture Shown for Students

State normal school students packed into the gym for a showing of the motion picture “The Secret Garden.”

Nov. 11: Controversy Surrounds Academy Football Game

The football game played between Stronghurst High School and the Normal Academy team was filled with controversy. During the course of the game, Stronghurst fans swarmed the field and harassed the Academy’s players to the point that play was stopped, and the Academy team refused to continue. It was later discovered that the officials had been bribed to make calls in Stonghurst’s favor. These happenings caused Stronghurst to be removed from future Normal Academy schedules.


Nov. 7: American Education Week Observed

This week was designated as American Education Week. WIU observed the occasion by hosting the Illinois School Curriculum Revision Community.Burl Ives 1950

Nov 7: Burl Ives in Concert at Western

Burl Ives, “The Singing Troubadour,” gave a concert in Morgan Gym on this evening in history. Ives was a folksinger famous for such songs as “Barbara Allen,” “Jesse James,” as well as the Christmas classics, “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” and “Silver and Gold.” His archival collection is housed in the WIU Archives.

Nov. 11: Western Shuts out Rival EIU in Football

The final home game for the 1950 season was played on this day in history, as Western defeated its cross-state rival Eastern Illinois in a 13-0 shut out. It was an impressive victory for the Leathernecks as Eastern had previously only lost one game and had been in position for the conference championship.


Nov. 7: WIU Named New Home for the National Council for Geographic Education

WIU became the home of the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) as the council established its headquarters in Tillman Hall. The council had been based out of the University of Houston, and chose to move to WIU because the institution had the largest geography department in the state, as well as one of the top programs in the nation.

Nov. 8: Computerized Feeding System to Aid in Cattle Research

A new computerized feeding system was implemented at the University Farm. The system was used to research and keep track of the amount of feed that was consumed by the farm’s cattle. The information was used to determine a particular animal’s feed-to-meat conversion ratio.

Nov. 10: New Inter-Fraternity Council President Elected

James Colbeck was elected the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) president by a unanimous vote. Colbeck was a member of the Phi Kappa Theta fraternity.

October 29-November 5

1902L.Y. Sherman

Oct. 30: Conspiracy Against Sherman by Normal School Staff Reported

On this date, a story was printed in the Chicago Tribune reporting a supposed conspiracy against Speaker of the Illinois House L.Y. Sherman by several prominent members of the Western Illinois State Normal School. The story claimed that President John W. Henninger and several of the school's board members met with Illinois Gov. Richard Yates to prevent Sherman from being re-elected to the Illinois State House of Representatives. President Henninger immediately denied the story saying he and entire staff of the normal school had a "good friendly relationship" with Sherman. Sherman was re-elected to the House of Representatives in November.

Nov. 5: Western's First Football Game

On this day in history, the Western Illinois Normal School played its first football game. The game, which was played on a field constructed behind what is now Sherman Hall, pitted the normal school against the Macomb Normal and Business College. Western won the game 38-0.

1920President Morgan

Oct. 29: President Morgan Visits Normal School Club

President Morgan traveled to Moline to visit the newly-formed Western Illinois Normal School Club. This club was comprised of teachers from the Quad Cities and surrounding areas who attended the normal school for at least two years.

Nov. 1: Grote Hall Hosts Fall Dance

The women of Grote Hall had a large and successful dance in their residence hall's parlor on Oct. 31. This was an event that every female student looked forward to every year as each girl was allowed to invite a date. The evening was spent listening to music and enjoying the refreshments provided by Miss Caroline Grote.Grote Hall Parlor

Nov. 5: Juniors Elect Officers to Sequel Board

The junior class of the normal school held the election for their class's two seats on the board of the normal school's yearbook, The Sequel. Mata Smith and Marjorie Greener were the winners of the 1920 election.


Oct. 30: Western gets New Physician

Dr. Irwin Koll was hired as Western's first fulltime campus physician. Before coming to Western, Dr. Koll worked at the Valley Forge Military Hospital during World War II, as well as the attending urologist at the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago.

Nov 1: Short Story Contest Held

The Fifth Annual College Short Story contest was held at Western. The contest, sponsored by the English department and Tomorrow Magazine, awarded a $500 cash prize to the winner.Morgan Hall Gymnasium

Nov. 1: Sale Presents "Americana" Comedy Sketches

Actress Virginia Sale was in Morgan Gym Oct. 31 as she and her traveling acting company performed "Americana" sketches. The sketches reflected the lives and comical occurrences of average people around the county with acts like "Mealtime in Indiana."


Oct. 29: Endangered Bat Species Found in Thompson Hall

Several endangered Indiana Bats made an appearance in Thompson Hall, just in time for Halloween. The bats, which did not carry rabies, were captured and released by biology students.

Nov. 3: FCC Approves WIUM as an FM Radio Station

Western's radio station, WIUM, received approval from the Board of Governors and the FCC to become a fully functional FM station. This allowed the station to broadcast reliable programing to residents of west central Illinois within a 60+ mile radius of campus, as well as become a National Public Radio affiliate. Previously, WIUM had served the radio needs of the University and Macomb residents.

Nov. 4: Student Voter Turnout Drops 50 Percent in Four Years

On this day, election day for the 1980 presidential election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, approximately 1,000 students registered and voted in McDonough County. That number was down more than 50 percent from the 1976 election.




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