University Relations

Editorial Guidelines for Western News

Western News, the complimentary newsletter for alumni and friends of Western Illinois University, is published four times per year by Alumni Association and delivered via U.S. mail to more than 95,000 alumni and friends.

Content and Submission

News, feature stories, and other items published in Western News are provided and/or written by representatives from University Relations, Alumni Association, academic colleges, and other staff members. Occasionally, pieces submitted by alumni or other readers may be featured, and are considered for publication on a case-by-case basis. All submissions will be subject to an approval process by Alumni Association. The Alumni Association and University Relations staff reserve the right to edit submissions for length, clarity, style, and content.

(To submit updates for the Class Notes section, fill out the form on the Alumni Association page.)

WIU departments/newsletter sections

Questions and other information regarding placement of two- or four-page departmental/college sections should be directed to Amy Spelman, director of Alumni Association, at  (309) 298-1914.

Feature and News Stories

To submit content, suggest an item for inclusion in Western News or for specific questions regarding stories and other submissions, contact Alisha Barnett, assistant director of communications at University Relations, at (309) 298-1993.


For inclusion in Western News, photos accompanying feature or news stories must be high-resolution (300 dpi) and submitted via a CD or shared Google Drive link to Alisha Barnett, University Relations, 302 Sherman Hall. For photos taken by university photographers, please see the online lightbox, select photo paths and send to Alisha Barnett.

(Please send lightbox photo paths in the following format: Alumni > The Right Place Tent 125.1243 > 005)

Photo clarity/quality appropriate for publication:

  • subjects are clearly visible (not too far away)
  • faces can be seen clearly/not obscured
  • photo is in focus (not blurry)
  • photo does not include alcoholic beverages
  • photo subjects are facing/looking at the camera
Photo Captions

Photos must be clearly identified (such as via file name) to correspond with the appropriate story, and accompanied by a caption/a.k.a. 'cutline,' clearly indicating (by L-R front row; L-R back row, clockwise from left, etc.), and the time, date, place of event being pictured (if relevant).

Publication Schedule

Western News is comprised of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter issues, with an approximate mail date of the 15th of the month of publication.

  • Spring (March)
  • Summer (June)*
    *Includes special section on Homecoming
  • Fall (August/September)*
    *Includes special section on WIU Foundation
  • Winter (December)

Content must be submitted to Alisha Barnett by no later than the last day of the month, two months preceding the mail date. When suggesting feature stories for the publication, details must be submitted an additional two weeks in advance.