Visual Identity Guidelines

Official Logos and Wordmarks at Western Illinois University

The logos (signatures) exist as the keystones of Western Illinois University's visual identity. The logos consist of both a representation of the Sherman bell tower or the Quad Cities Riverfront building and "Western Illinois University." Users of the logos must follow all color, typography, and reproduction specifications.

University Logos (Macomb and QC Campus)

Additionally, University constituents may use the Western Illinois Rocky head sweep logo.

Rocky Sweep Logo

University Logos and Their Usage

For further information and to download a request form for the use of University logos, visit For additional inquiries, contact University Marketing.

Institutional Logos

The University's official name is "Western Illinois University" as illustrated on the institutional logos for the University and for the Quad Cities campus.

institutional logos for both Macomb and QC campuses

While the University is always referred to as "Western Illinois" to ensure that the University is clearly identified in any logo that is used for international, national, or regional purposes (see samples below), University Marketing understands that locally the University is referred to as "WIU."

institutional sweep logo variations

Intercollegiate Athletics

Western Illinois University's athletics logos include the Western Illinois Rocky Head Sweep with LEATHERNECKS, full-body Rocky, Rocky head, and stylized typography. Athletics logos exist as the trademark property of Western Illinois University and the trademark (™) designation must always appear. The Western Illinois Rocky Head Sweep may be used by departments; however, designs must be approved by University Marketing.

The logos may be printed only in University purple (Pantone 2607) and gold (Pantone 116) or in black on non-color pieces. Rocky’s teeth and the whites of his eyes must be white.

The primary logo is the "Western Illinois" Rocky Head Sweep with "LEATHERNECKS" underneath.

Use of the Marine Style logo is no longer allowed. Please consult University Marketing with any questions.

athletics primary logo

The Western Illinois Rocky head sweep can be used without "LEATHERNECKS" if the word appears elsewhere in a piece in a prominent location (for Athletics-related material).

Do not replace the Rocky head with another graphic.

Additional Acceptable Uses for Both Primary and Secondary Logos

"LEATHERNECKS" may be replaced with a sport, department, or organization name (preferably in a single line of text).

Complementary Logos

The Rocky head may be used alone if "Western Illinois" appears elsewhere in a piece in a prominent location.

athletics complementary logos