Visual Identity Guidelines

Official Colors




Web safe (hex)


PMS 2607

81, 100, 0, 7



PMS 116

0, 21, 100, 0


Logo and Merchandise Colors

University logos may be presented in color or black-only versions as illustrated in this guide. The logos may be printed only in University purple (Pantone 2607) and gold (Pantone 116) or in black on non-color pieces. Rocky's teeth and the whites of his eyes must be white. All logos are trademarked property of the University and must contain a trademark (™) designation.

On occasion, University Marketing will permit use of the logos in white on a fashion color background. Permission must be received from University Marketing for the use of a logo printed in white on a fashion color background.

Color combinations that are prohibited because they are color schemes of other universities in our region include orange and blue (University of Illinois), red and white (Illinois State University), and black and gold (University of Iowa).

For further information, visit For additional inquiries, contact University Marketing.