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Trademark Licensing Goals and Terminology

Trademark Licensing Goals

  • Promote and protect the marks of Western Illinois University through management of consistent, favorable, and professional use of the marks.
  • Fulfill the legal obligation to protect the marks.
  • Protect the consumer from deceptive, faulty, or inferior products and services bearing the University's marks.
  • Provide fair and equitable treatment for all licensees.
  • Realize and distribute royalties and other revenues for the benefit of the University.
  • Provide consistency in the communication of Western Illinois University's mission, core values, and brand promise.


The following standardized licensing terminology is used throughout these trademark licensing guidelines:

  • Trademark A trademark is a unique identification used to distinguish products and services from other organizations or competitors. It may be a symbol, a design, or a word. An officially registered trademark is protected by law and restricts the use of the trademark to its owner. Trademarks also provide consumer protection, helping identify and promote legitimate products of the organization.
  • Word mark A word mark is a trademarked phrase. "Western Illinois University" and all of its abbreviated forms-WIU, Western Illinois, and Western-are included in this definition.
  • Licensed manufacturer A manufacturer (business, corporation, or sole proprietor) who has been approved to apply WIU logos and word marks to its products. Royalty revenues are used for additional promotional and marketing opportunities for Western Illinois University.
  • Promotional item An item which is used to promote Western Illinois University and is distributed free of charge.