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Maurice and Alice Kellogg

Maurice & Alice Kellogg

Maurice & Alice Kellogg: 60 Years with WIU

“I believe there is a strong correlation between the number of quality interaction with an institution and the strength of one’s commitment for financial support,” explained professor emeritus Maurice Kellogg. “Alice and I have been associated with WIU for over 60 years. We met here as undergraduates, both completed graduate degrees here, and then we taught here. Alice retired after 26 years of teaching, and taught for over 30 years. Our allegiance to Western was nurtured through social and professional friendships with peers and staff.”

Alice and Maurice Kellogg are legendary names on the campus of Western Illinois University and in the Macomb community. Both had long teaching careers, impacting their disciplines and mentoring countless students. They married and raised a family, were involved in their church and civic organizations, and have each made significant gifts to WIU and bequests in their wills to support the areas where their passions lie: Maurice to science education, and Alice to physical education, particularly tennis.

In a recent conversation, the Kelloggs discussed their motivation for supporting WIU, describing it in terms of five broad categories: association, opportunity, marriage & family, lifelong professional and social relationships, and appreciation through recognition.

Given their 60 plus year association with Western, the opportunities for an affordable education came first and foremost. Later came opportunities for teaching and professional development, and the three Kellogg children received a great education through the university laboratory school.

The Kellogg’s marriage and family began when they met as undergraduate students when they both were part of gymnastics club “gymkana” variety show. They were married following Alice’s sophomore year (1949) and she finished her degree while Maurice taught at nearby Cuba, Illinois. In 1958, with three small children, they returned to Western for Maurice to teach science education. Alice joined the physical education faculty in 1959 part-time, and became a full-time faculty member in 1969. The Kelloggs celebrated 60 years of marriage in June on the beach in Panama City with their family, including six grandchildren and a new great-grandchild.

“Our allegiance to Western was nurtured through social and professional friendships with peers and staff,” continued Maurice. “Administrators were supportive and helpful in getting us established, and fellow teachers became lifelong friends.” Drs. Kathleen Brophy and Mary Bennett, undergraduate advisors to Alice and Maurice, attended their wedding. “We enjoyed these relationships, and found our teaching very enjoyable,” added Alice.

“We also feel a great appreciation and satisfaction for the recognition we have received,” said Alice. The annual Hinds-Kellogg Classic Tennis Tourney was established in 2005 to honor Alice and colleague Dee Hinds. The two were credited with saving the sport from being dropped for the women. In addition to her teaching, Alice was and is an avid sportswoman, competitor, and staunch supporter of the Westerwind teams. Alice still holds the records for the running long jump, the 50 meter and 100 meter dashes in several age groups at the State Senior Olympics.

Maurice has received several awards over the years: the third WIU Faculty Lecturer in 1972, 1983 Distinguished Alumni Award, 1989 Outstanding Teacher in the College of Education, and the Illinois Environmental Educator of the Year in 1988. He is one of only five WIU faculty members to be selected as both the WIU Faculty Lecturer and Distinguished Alumni. In 2005, the Science Education Center in Horrabin Hall was renamed the Maurice G. Kellogg Center for Elementary and Middle School Science to honor the quality WIU science education program built by Dr. Kellogg and his colleagues.

The Kelloggs first began working with the WIU Foundation in 1987 by establishing the Kellogg Science Education Student Fund to enable students to attend professional meetings and conferences. In 1990, Maurice named WIU as owner and direct beneficiary of a life insurance policy to fund a Maurice Kellogg Scholarship in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction. In 1993, Maurice matched funds from colleagues and former students to begin the Kellogg Science Center Endowment to provide professional development and share instructional strategies. Alice has made provisions in her will to fund an Alice Kellogg scholarship in the department of Kinesiology and to support the tennis team. These major gifts are in addition to annual gifts to the Western Athletic Club, the WIU Tennis Team, and various ongoing initiatives.

"Maurie and Alice have devoted their lives to Western as students, alumni, faculty members, and donors and we are a better university because of their involvement,” said WIU Director of Development Brad Bainter. “We are extremely appreciative that they have included Western in their charitable estate planning and this will only add to and continue the outstanding legacy they have at Western Illinois University."