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LinguiSystems Support Establishment of WIU-QC Campus Child Care Center         


Rosemary Huisingh (’70, ’75), and Linda Bowers, co-founders and co-owners of LinguiSystems (East Moline, Illinois) recently made a $50,000 commitment to the WIU-QC campus daycare center.

Founded in 1977, LinguiSystems is dedicated to providing innovative, affordable and therapeutically sound materials for speech-language pathologists (SLP). “We worked our school jobs by day, developed materials and shipped orders by night and weekends. By 1984, we were employed with LinguiSystems. We had one mission – to be the best company possible for SLPs,” said WIU grad Huisingh.

“As practicing SLPs, we knew what types of materials were needed, so product development was our strength. We had no experience running a company, but we used common sense, attended workshops, read books, and treated our customers and employees well,” added Bowers.

Huisingh earned two degrees from Western, a bachelor’s in 1970 and a master’s in 1975, and believes the classroom learning and hands-on clinical experience prepared her well for this work she is doing. “My Western experience was perfect for me and certainly factors into my excitement about the Quad Cities campus,” she said. “I was mentored by my professors and caught their excitement about the speech and hearing field. They made me feel I was part of a special profession. WIU seeks out and attracts professors who want their students to be prepared for and consequently successful in life.”

“We support education especially when it comes to caring for our youngest citizens. The parents of children who will attend the preschool will probably be students at WIU. Top quality day care and preschool are critical for them. WIU’s preschool will be that and will give hands on experience to Early Childhood education majors,” Bowers said of the LinguiSystems gift. “ Additionally, we want these parent-students to stay in our QCs communities. A well-educated workforce is attractive to current and future businesses.”

“We are grateful to LinguiSystems for investing in the future child care center at the Riverfront Campus,” said Vice President for Quad Cities, planning and technology Joe Rives. “The onsite center will be a vital element of the new campus; we are pleased that it fit within LinguiSystems’ philanthropic goals.

“We believe our donation is thoughtfully spent. The preschool fit our personal and corporate missions,” said Huisingh and Bowers. “We encourage other QC citizens to support this campus.”