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Why We GiveDr. Virgnina Boynton

Dr. Virginia Boynton

“I wanted to attach my parents’ names to something permanent, and something they would be pleased to be associated with,” said Boynton. “They were great and loving parents, always supportive of my educational endeavors.” She continued, “I regard this endowment as way to both pay tribute to my parents and reward an outstanding student in our department.”

“As I thought about what I would like to do,” said Boynton, “I realized I would like to recognize upper level students for their perseverance and accomplishment, and nothing existed specifically for history honors students. I want to recognize the extra work these students do, and encourage them to continue on their academic paths.”

“I know how lucky I was to walk into a tenure track position here upon completion of my Ph.D.,” continued Boynton. “I love my job, and I am just happy to be in a position to be able to give back.”

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