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Comments were requested through September 5, 2013.  This cutoff date allows time for final editing and approval before the documents are submitted for inclusion with materials that go to the Board of Trustees prior to their October 11 meeting.  The backdating is as follows: 

  • October 11: Board of Trustees Meeting
  • September 11: Final version is submitted before noon for inclusion in packet of information that is sent to the Board of Trustees prior to their meeting
  • September 9: IT Strategic Plan is submitted to the President for his final approval
  • September 5: Final comments due by close of business 

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What students, faculty and staff are saying about the IT Strategic Plan

I do not support the centralization of support for the university. Our department has been under 2 types of support over the years. Part of the time we have worked under uTech and the remainder of the time we have worked under ESS (electronic student services). the support under ESS has been far superior to that under uTech. A change to utech will not provide the same response to our technical issues. Our equipment is much more standardized under ESS and the response for problems is much quicker. Some major issues are resolved in little to no time at all.

Neither myself or our department is in favor of moving away from the support of ESS.

Posted July 23, 2013

I am completely against putting Electronic Student Services and AIMS under the umbrella of Utech. Currently on issues that I deal with Utech on, the response time is often days or weeks out due to them having to take care of the entire university. I feel like by adding additional responsibilities to them, while only adding a handful of staff will only inundate the new staff, and make everyone fall further behind. In addition, by adding AIMS to this, I feel that the vital work that they do for my department, which is an enormous amount, will get swept under the rug, as the wonderful staff there will end up having to do projects for the entire campus community. These people work hard to make sure that the work they do is done quickly, correctly, and done well, and to add unbelievably more expectations to their already heavy workload is not something I think that you should consider.

Posted July 17, 2013

Is there any way to bump up the time line on wireless in the residences halls? Students are coming with tablets & smart phones which they want to connect to the wireless network in their rooms and it is not available in many halls.

Posted July 17, 2013

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