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Ownership of the IT Governance Process

IT Governance Owner

The Owner is the person for whom IT governance is instituted to help in IT decision making. This individual is responsible for information technology across the University and makes the final decision regarding whether to implement each of the prioritized recommendations that have been submitted by the IT Governance Council.  The Owner may choose to implement all of the proposals, some of them, or none of them.

The Owner, who is ultimately responsible for the implementation of anything he/she accepts, directs University Technology to implement accepted proposals as projects. The Owner does not abdicate responsibility for IT decision making and therefore has the prerogative to direct the implementation of an IT initiative without recommendation by the Council.  

The owner also hears appeals when necessary. Alliance rejections may be appealed by the originator of the proposer directly to the IT Governance Owner.  At the Owner's discretion, he/she may ask an Alliance to reconsider a proposal and provide rationale for doing so.

The Owner schedules and convenes two or more Council meetings per semester.  This is a special meeting and is not held in conjunction with the President's Leadership Team meetings.  These meetings are open to the University community.  The Owner directs minutes to be taken and insures that they are published to the IT Governance website.  Final decisions make by the owner are also recorded and published.

IT Governance Owner

Dr. Jack Thomas, President




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Council Meeting Information

The University community is invited to attend IT Governance meetings.  Each committee also publishes their minutes for those unable to attend.

Currently Being Considered By the Owner

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