University Technology

Windows XP End of Life - April 8, 2014

After 12 years, Microsoft is ending its support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. There will be no more security updates or technical support for the Windows XP operating system. Support for Office 2003 also ends on April 8, 2014.

Whether you use Windows XP or Office 2003 at home or at work there are very serious consequences to continued use of either product.

  • Without critical Windows XP security updates, your PC may become vulnerable to harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software which can steal or damage your business data and information.
  • Anti-virus software will NOT be able to fully protect you once Windows XP is unsupported.
  • Many software vendors will no longer support their products running on Windows XP, as they are unable to receive Windows XP updates.
  • Most PC hardware manufacturers will stop supporting Windows XP on existing and new hardware. This will also mean that drivers required to run Windows XP on new hardware may not be available.

Take Action

Technical staff at the University have been working very hard to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 on computers that will support it. If you are still using Windows XP or Office 2003 on your home computer, you should investigate your alternatives and update your system as soon as possible.

If you are still using Windows XP or Office 2003 on a WIU desktop or laptop computer, you should request an upgrade or assessment from any of these support areas as appropriate:

  • College, division or department technology support
  • Quad Cities Technology (309) 762-9481 or ext. 62294
  • uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704

After assessment by a technician, some computers may be identified as not upgradeable. For instance:

  • Computers running critical applications that require Windows XP may be able to continue operating permanently disconnected from the WIU wired or wireless networks
  • Computers that have a planned upgrade in the very near future can be scheduled for an upgrade
  • Computers that are simply too old will need to be replaced or decommissioned

Help protect the University's network and personal computers by upgrading Windows XP immediately.