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How To Disable Java

University Technology recommends that all students, faculty and staff disable Java in their browser(s) due to recent vulnerabilities discovered in Java software.  For instructions on disabling Java, locate your browser below and follow the provided instructions.

If you require assistance, please contact the University Technology Support Center at (309) 298-2704.

Recommended - Disable Java for all browsers on your computer:

  1. Verify your Java Version  and install an update if instructed
  2. Follow these instructions to disable Java for all installed browsers

Alternative - Disable Java for specific browsers:


Mozilla has enabled Click to Play for Java to help in preventing security issues.

To fully disable Java, plugin options can be located in  Tools -> Add-ons -> Plugins . There will be one or more Java entries: Examples include "Java Deployment Toolkit" and "Java Platform". We suggest disabling all Java related plugins to ensure your computer’s safety.

Alternatively, you can use the NoScript extension for Firefox to block Java and only allow Java to run on certain sites. More information including a tutorial video on NoScript is available on the NoScript content blocking page at

Internet Explorer

If you are running versions 8, 9, or 10 you can use this method:

  1. Open your Internet Explorer
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right of the browser to open the settings menu
  3. Click on  Manage add-ons
  4. In the left sidebar of the Manage Add-ons window that appears use the drop down box at the bottom to change to  All add-ons
  5. Select each add-on that begins with "Java(tm)" and use the  disable button that appears at the bottom of the window above the close button 

Chrome will notify you before it downloads or runs Java content. This should help in preventing security issues.

For further protection users should enter  about:plugins in the address bar to disable Java plugins. There is a single entry for Java identified as "Java TM" that can be disabled for complete protection in Chrome. 

Alternatively, you can use the NotScripts plugin for Chrome to allow Java to run on certain sites.


Apple is now blocking the Javaplug-in in Safari by default to improve your security.  To completely disable Java for Safari,
visit for more information.


To disable Java under Opera:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Type  opera:plugins in the address bar and press the Enter key
  3. Locate Java(TM) within the list (there may be several listed items)
  4. Click "Disable" 
Android & iOS

Your device does not natively support Java in the web browser.

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