University Surveys

Graduating Senior Survey - Spring 2009 Grads


247 of the 1,140 Spring 2009 graduates participated in the graduating senior survey, with 89% considering themselves WIU-Macomb students, 10% declaring as WIU-QC students, and 1% being extension students. (Details in tables provided overall, and separately for Macomb and Quad Cities graduates, but not for extension graduates.)

  • In keeping with Western's tradition of having a large number of students transfer into WIU from other colleges and universities, only 50% of seniors started their collegiate career at Western as first-time freshmen, but 73% of seniors still spent at least 3 years as a student at Western.
  • While the majority (70%) of Western seniors plan to hit the work force directly after graduation; 23% plan on graduate school being their next step; 1% each plan on additional undergraduate study, military service, or starting/raising a family as their primary pursuit; and 4% have other post-graduation plans.
  • Overall, seniors reported being satisfied with their WIU and major experience, with 82% saying they would still attend WIU if they had it to do all over again, and 85% saying they would still choose the same major.

Level of Satisfaction with Overall Western Experience

As can be seen in the table below, seniors indicate a very high level of satisfaction with their overall Western experience, with the top 3 ranked attributes being 1) availability of library resources, 2) faculty members' course preparation, and 3) communication between students and faculty. In addition, the Quad Cites students reported a somewhat higher sense of satisfaction, perhaps due to a greater sense of a learning community resulting from their smaller size.


1=Very Satisfied, 2=Somewhat Satisfied, 3=Somewhat Dissatisfied, 4=Very Dissatisfied Macomb Quad Cities Total
Coursework required in the general education curriculum 2.12 2.04 2.11
Extent of intellectual challenges in courses outside of your major 2.01 1.28 1.96
Quality of instruction outside of your major 2.05 1.62 2.00
Encouragement of different scholarly points of view by the faculty