University Surveys

University Surveys

Conducting surveys provides Western Illinois University an opportunity to obtain input on a variety of issues. This input is a valuable tool in providing information to facilitate decision making in conjunction with Western's commitment to continuous improvement. This page will assist WIU faculty and staff with administering a University survey. This process may involve 2 to 4 different departments depending on your project. Please allow 2-3 weeks to get the survey setup and distributed to participants. (Possibly longer if IRB review is needed). Please note, this service is for WIU faculty and staff. Student projects will need to be completed by the researcher.

Survey Request Process

  • Read the Survey Tips and Distribution Methods below.
  • Develop your survey questions in a word document.
    • If you are working with a team or group, please have a final agreed upon draft before moving to the next step.
  • If you know you need IRB review for your project, please submit your paperwork. More information is available on the Research Compliance Overview webpage.
    • If you are unsure whether or not your project requires IRB review, move on to the next step and the Survey Request Form will assist you in making the determination.
  • Begin the survey request process by completing the request form.
  • Email the Survey Administrator at a copy of your survey questions in a MS word document and your email verbiage if distributing directly from survey software (Qualtrics).
  • If you choose to have the Survey Administrator distribute your survey directly from Qualtrics, please fill this form out with appropriate signatures and send immediately to Administrative Information Management Systems in Sherman Hall Rm 212.
  • Once the survey is complete, you will receive a flat file in either SPSS or Excel of the raw data excluding any personal identifiers.
    • If you need assistance learning the tools to analyze your data, please contact the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research.

Contact Information

  • Survey Administrator:, (309) 762-9481 ext 62547
  • Compliance Specialist:, (309) 298-1191
  • Administrative Information Management Systems,, (309) 298-1944
  • Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research,, (309) 298-2434

Survey Tips

  • Please allow enough time to complete this project as this process involves 2 to 4 different departments.
  • Start with the end in mind. Your data analysis will only be as good as the data you are collecting. Start by identifying what you want to get out of the project and develop your survey questions accordingly.
  • If you are doing a drawing based on respondents, remember to include questions asking for the respondent to enter name and contact info so you may contact the winner.
  • As the researcher, you are responsible for ensuring all necessary approvals and signatures are in place and monitor the progress of your project. Contact information is provided above from various departments involved. If you need assistance with anything, please ask.
  • Once the survey administrator has received your survey request form and survey questions, you will be contacted within 1 week with a preview link to the survey. This is for review/proofreading purposes, not distribution. If you distribute this link to respondents, your results will be skewed.
  • If you are using an anonymous link, please ask staff or those involved with the project NOT to click on the active anonymous link 'just to look at the survey'. The preview link is for this purpose. Using the active link for reviewing questions will skew your results.

Distribution Methods

Please review the various distribution methods available to you.

Qualtrics distribution

  • Reminders can be scheduled for only non-responders at any time/interval.
  • The software does use names and emails to distribute, allowing the survey administrator to 'reset' individual survey links if a mistake has been made by a respondent.
  • Allows for more controls on who is taking the survey.
  • Allows respondents to 'unsubscribe' if they choose not to receive any more reminders.
  • This process will require you to fill out this form and send to Administrative Information Management Systems in Sherman Hall Rm 212.

Anonymous Link

  • If you choose, the survey administrator can provide you with an anonymous link to distribute yourself.
  • The survey administrator does not have the ability with this distribution method, to 'reset' a survey link for a respondent if there are mistakes since it is anonymous.
  • The survey will be anonymous, meaning no names or personal identifiers will be tied to the responses in the survey software (Qualtrics).