University Planning

WIU Students

Macomb Team

  • Nancy Parsons, Associate Provost - Co-Chair
  • Sara Lytle, Assistant Director, Admissions - Co-Chair
  • Lori Baker-Sperry, Professor, Women's Studies
  • Andy Borst, Director of Admissions
  • Gary Biller, Vice President, Student Services
  • Tara Buchannan, Director, Disability Support Services
  • Sidney Colbert, SGA Director of Public Relations
  • Katrina Daytner, Professor, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Holly Fecht, Chief Accountant, Foundation and Development
  • Emily Gorlewski, Assistant Director, Center for International Studies
  • Jennie Hemingway, Instructor, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration
  • Sarah Jewell, Assistant Director, Admissions
  • David Lane, Professor, Psychology
  • Wendi Mattson, Office Manager Theatre and Dance/President, Civil Service Employees Council
  • Dana Moon, Assistant to the Dean, College of Education
  • Jessica Mueller, Assistant Director, Student Judicial Programs
  • Steve Rock, Professor, Economics and Decision Sciences/Chair, Faculty Senate
  • Joe Roselieb, Director, Residential Facilities/Alumni council Member
  • Michelle Terry, Academic Advisor, College of Business & Technology
  • Connie Upton, Office Manager, Psychology
  • Heriberto Urby, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences
  • Ron Williams, Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Michelle Yager, Director, University Advising and Academic Services Center