University Planning

Accreditation Steering Committee & Support Team

Steering Committee Members

  • Joe Rives, Vice President for Quad Cities, Planning, and Technology, NCA-Co-Chair
  • Judi Dallinger, Assistant Provost, NCA Co-Chair
  • Marcia Carter, Associate Professor, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration, NCA Co-Chair
  • Chris Sutton, Professor, Geography, NCA Co-Chair
  • Steve Nelson, Chairperson, Western Illinois University Board of Trustees Criterion 1, Co-Chair
  • Kristi Mindrup, Director, Instructional and Administrative Services, Criterion 2 Co-Chair
  • Bill Brewer, Assistant Director, Facilities Management, Criterion 2 Co-Chair
  • Lori Baker Sperry, Associate Professor, Womens Studies, Criterion 3 Co-Chair
  • Jessica Butcher, Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services, Criterion 3 Co-Chair
  • Aimee Shouse, Associate Professor, Political Science, Criterion 4 Co-Chair
  • Beth Seaton, Director, Sponsored Projects, Criterion 4, Co-Chair
  • Chris Merrett, Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Criterion 5 Co-Chair
  • Roger Runquist, Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research, Special Emphasis on Distance Learning Co-Chair
  • Phyllis Self, Dean, Libraries, Special Emphasis on Distance Learning Co-Chair
  • Katrina Daytner, Associate Professor, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Rhonda Kline, Director, Institutional Research and Planning, Special Emphasis on Measuring and Demonstrating Our Values Chair
  • Lorette Oden, Professor, Health Sciences
  • *Bonnie Smith Skripps, Dean, College of Education and Human Services

*former member

    Accreditation Support Team

    • Complete/file Steering Team minutes
    • Collect/file information requests by accreditation self study teams
    • Prepare and maintain University Accreditation Website
    • Assist in site visit preparation and logistics
    • Develop and host resource library and room for the NCA site team
    • Chris Brown, Office Manager, Western Illinois University-Quad Cities
    • Jessica Butcher, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Services
    • Jo Hyun Kim, Associate Director, Planning, Budget and Institutional Research
    • Paul Sweet, Instructional Technology Systems Manager, Center for the Application of Information Technology
    • Bill Thompson, Associate Professor, Libraries
    • Martha Youngmeyer, Office Support Specialist, Planning, Budget and Institutional Research