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Updated July 2012

FY12 Performance Dashboard Table of Contents

Since 2002, Western Illinois University has operated according to its Higher Values in Higher Education Strategic Planning Process. The current version Higher Values in Higher Education 2008-2018 was approved by the Western Illinois University Board of Trustees for implementation after receiving endorsement from the governance groups on the Macomb and Quad Cities Campuses in June 2008.

Institutional progress reporting follows a two-part accountability reporting process. First, the number of strategic plan priorities with achievements and plan are reported to the Western Illinois University Board of Trustees each fall. This demonstrates university accountability in implementing actions from Higher Values in Higher Education. 

 2012 Performance Achievement

  2008 2009 2010 2011
Number of Priorities 131 131 131 131
Percent with Achievements -- 90.1% 95.4% 96.2%
Percent with Plans 94.0% 90.8% 90.8% 92.4%

Second, Performance Reports summarize the impact of strategic plan implementationby documenting an annual comparison of whether the University’s performance indicators are completed/maintained, progressing in the desired direction, showing no change, or moving in the opposite direction since implementation of the current version of the strategic plan.

The Western Illinois University Board of Trustees approved performance indicators reporting at the campus and university level to inform both local and institutional planning. The charts below summarize campus and university performance indicator progress since implementation of the plan in 2008


All Performance Indicators Macomb Campus Indicators

Indicators for Combined Campuses Quad Cities Campus Indicators.