Women's Center

Staff & Volunteers

The Staff of the WIU Women's Center is here to help serve your needs. We can provide assistance with:

  • a research paper or class project;
  • RA programs and Greek educationals;
  • finding a place to hold a small group meeting;
  • child care issues and concerns;
  • finding resources and support in understanding and confronting gender based discrimination of violence;
  • and much more.

The Women's Center can connect you with resources on campus, in the community, regionally and nationally.

The Director is available for personal assistance with a variety of women's issues. Call or stop by for an appointment today, or feel free to contact her via email at J-Cavicchia@wiu.edu.

Women's Center Staff

  • Lori Baker-Sperry, Director
  • Barbara De Renzy, Office Administrator
  • Alonda Olvera, Graduate Assistant
  • Emily Henkelman, Graduate Assistant
  • Erika Caher, Administrative Office Assistant
  • Alexis Kathalynas, Administrative Office Assistant
  • Kennedi Kimbrough, Administrative Office Assistant
  • Catherine Martin, Administrative Office Assistant
  • Miriah Martin, Administrative Office Assistant
  • Gina Meier, Resource Library Assistant
  • Tracey Petersen, Resource Library Assistant
  • Keith Roland, Resource Library Assistant
  • Tamiya Wilborn, Administrative Office Assistant

Women's Center Volunteers

  • Toyosi Adeyemo, Women's Health Outreach Volunteer
  • Amy Bevins, Social Work Volunteer
  • Alaina Digiorgio, Women's Athletics Liaison
  • Tamaria Young, Social Work Volunteer