Women's Center

Empowerment Groups

A variety of empowerment groups meet at the Women's Center. These groups are not professionally supervised; instead, participants decide on when and how often to meet. Group members share common interests and a desire to share knowledge, network, and meet others with similar experiences. If you have a group or would like to start one on campus, the Women's Center may be a good place to meet. The following are some of the groups that meet regularly when enough people express an interest:

  • Feminist Action Alliance is a student group created to increase awareness of feminist issues on campus and in the community through education and action.

  • Feminist Reading Group is a group for anyone interested in literary discussions set in a feminist environment.

  • Campus Girl Scouts volunteer their skills and talents in program activities run directly with girls and teens, or use their skills and abilities to provide services at schools, in their community, or in their local Girl Scouts Council.

Several other groups meet upon request, including groups for international women, nontraditional students, student parents, women of color, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender students, and men advocating women's rights.

The Women's Center Lounge and Conference Room are available for students, faculty, staff, and community members to study, visit with friends, hang out between classes or on breaks, and hold formal and informal meetings.

The Women's Center also houses a lending library with books, journals, magazines, audio- and videotapes, DVDs, and news clippings focused on multicultural aspects of women's history, empowerment, and concerns. Our Resource Library holdings may be accessed online via the University Libraries' website.

Feel free to drop by the WIU Women's Center and take advantage of the wealth of information, programs, and services we have to offer!