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About University Union Board

The University Union Board (UUB) is a student organization that provides campus wide programming for all WIU students. UUB is made up of four executive board officers, six committee chairs and their committee members. The six UUB committees are Coffeehouse, Cinema, Comedy, Concerts, Homecoming, & Issues and Ideas. Family Day is another programming area led by the president and hosted and implemented by both the executive and activity board. Two Graduate Assistants co-advise the UUB and assigned committees.

What Do We Do?

UUB serves as the largest and broadest programming unit of WIU by providing social, cultural, recreational, and educational activities for the entire campus community. UUB members are active in the conception, planning and implementation of these programs.

How Are These Programs Paid For?

UUB receives most of its funding from CSAF funds (or student activity fees). Through the various committees, UUB decides how to spend that money and what events and performers come to campus. Because of extra expenses, some UUB programs have minimal admission charges to help pay for the program.

Contact Info

University Union Board
University Union
1 University Circle
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Phone: (309) 298-3232
Fax: (309) 298-2879

Interested in joining? Have an event idea? Email us at!