University Union

Union Advisory Board

The purposes of the Union Advisory Board (UAB) are:

  • To enhance the academic and social experience by extending the learning process outside the classroom for students and the WIU community inside the University Union.
  • To propose, develop, implement, and revise policy regulations of the University Union.
  • To grant exception requests brought forth to the UAB.

UAB Chair: Haley Hannant
UAB Vice Chair: Aaron Terrile
UAB Secretary: Artinese Myrick
UAB Marketing Coordinator: Vacant

General Student Members:

Wil Gradle
Brenda Santana
Emily Miller
Cintya Lopez

Director of University Union: Ann Comerford
UAB Staff Advisor: Ashley Katz
UAB Graduate Advisor: Shannon Daly

The UAB is empowered to grant exceptions to Union policies when they are merited. In order to submit an application for a policy exception, please fill out the UAB Exception Request Form on Purple Post at least three weeks prior to your event.