Undergraduate Admissions

Freshman Admission Standards for High School Graduates

Western Illinois University is committed to admitting students whose academic records indicate a high potential for success. The University primarily considers ACT/SAT scores and high school GPA in the admission decision. Additional factors such as a personal statement and letters of support are taken into account for applicants whose ACT/SAT scores or high school GPA fall below our typical student profile.

  • ACT Composite Score (average): 21.0 (SAT equivalent 1060)
  • ACT Composite Score (middle 50%): 18–23 (SAT equivalent 940–1150)
  • High School GPA (average): 3.15
  • High School GPA (middle 50%): 2.72-3.52

Applicants whose ACT/SAT score or high school GPA falls below the middle 50% range of this profile are encouraged to submit a personal statement which addresses their academic goals and how they plan to realize those goals at WIU. The statement may also explain any extenuating circumstances that may have affected their academic performance in high school. Letters of support, if provided, will also be considered.

Applicants whose ACT/SAT score or high school GPA falls below the middle 50% of the freshman profile may be admitted regularly or into the Academic Services Program (alternative admission program). Please visit the Academic Services Program for more information.

High School Curriculum Requirements

Freshman entering WIU are to have completed the following high school course work prior to entering the University:

  • English: four years of courses, with emphasis on written and oral communication and literature
  • Social Studies: three years of courses, emphasizing history and government
  • Mathematics: three years of courses, introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or fundamentals of computer programming
  • Science: three years of courses, laboratory sciences which include biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, or other college preparatory sciences
  • Other: two years of electives to be selected from art, film, foreign language, music, speech, theatre, journalism, religion, philosophy, and vocational education

If a student has not completed the course-specific requirements, the University will evaluate those students on a case-by-case basis for evidence of the mastery of skills in the area(s) of the deficiency.

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Questions? Confused?

Admissions counselors are available to help answer your questions. Contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 877/PICK WIU or email admissions@wiu.edu.