Student Judicial Programs

Judicial Fines

Judicial fines are administered through the student disciplinary process in response to violations of the Alcohol Policy and Cannabis/Controlled Substance Policy. The following schedule applies:

  • Alcohol possession/consumption in violation of State law or campus time/place/manner restrictions    $150.00
  • Kegs and other large alcohol quantities    $200.00
  • Cannabis possession/use; possession of drug paraphernalia     $150.00
  • Cannabis delivery or possession with intent to deliver    $500.00
  • Other controlled substance possession/use    $300.00
  • Controlled substance delivery or possession with intent to deliver    $500.00

Repeat Offenses

(i.e., same violation within 12 months of prior incident) will result in a doubling of a fine from the previous amount. Example: A student is found in violation of alcohol possession on August 29, 2012, fined $ 150.00. A repeat offense on February 3,2013 would result in a fine of $300.00. A repeat offense on September 12, 2013 would result in a $600.00 fine.