Student Judicial Programs

Administration of Student Judicial Process

Vice President of Student Services

Dr. Ronald Williams
321 Sherman Hall
(309) 298-1814

Retains ultimate authority for administration of the Code of Student Conduct. Reviews appeals of cases originating with the University Judicial Board. Affirms final University decisions.

Associate Vice President for Student Services

Dr. Jason Woods
University Union Administrative Office
(309) 298-1900

Reviews and acts on recommendations from University Judicial Board; authors decision letters. Supervises Director of Student Judicial Programs.

Director of Student Judicial Programs

Justin Schuch
Seal Hall
(309) 298-2436

Serves as "University Judicial Officer." Directs operations of University judicial system. Designates and supervises persons serving as judicial officers.

Hearing Officers, Student Judicial Programs

Seal Hall
(309) 298-2436

Hearing Officers oversee the scheduling of judicial board hearings and supervise selection/training of judicial board members. They Conduct disciplinary conferences, review all student discipline cases and maintain student discipline records.