Student Development Office

Policy Concerning the Scheduling and Use of Western Hall

(February 2008) Revision

  • The scheduling of Western Hall for WIU-sponsored athletic events is to be done through the Director of Athletics or designee. All other events are to be scheduled through Scheduling and Event Services, University Union.
  • The Athletic Department, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, the University Union, the University Union Board, and the University Theme Committee are given the exclusive right to utilize Western Hall for programming and educational activities, with the exception of commencements, convocations, and the Ag-Mech Show.
  • All programming and use of Western Hall must be sponsored or co-sponsored by one of the bodies mentioned above, with the exception of off-campus groups, which will be coordinated by the University Union.
  • Each of the aforementioned bodies represents a specialized area of programming and must confine its use of Western Hall to its area of specialty. The co-sponsoring of events must also be consistent with these specialized areas of jurisdiction. In unusual circumstances where the type of programming does not fall into one of the specified areas of jurisdiction, the Western Hall Advisory Committee will decide matters of jurisdiction and approval.
    • The Athletic Department will sponsor all athletic events.
    • The College of Fine Arts and Communication and the Bureau of Cultural Affairs will be responsible for providing cultural attractions such as symphonies, cultural dance, drama, classical soloists, and lectures.
    • The University Union Board will be responsible for the presentation of popular entertainment such as rock attractions, pop artists, country artists, circuses, and movies.
    • The University Union will be responsible for coordinating special use of the facility by outside groups.
    • The University Theme Committee will sponsor events related to the current theme of the University and First Year Experience events.
  • Events held in Western Hall must have an anticipated attendance of over 1,000 people.
  • "Black Out" dates apply to Western Hall for the months of November, December, January and February. This means that no events outside of athletics other than those listed below will be scheduled in Western Hall at this time. The exclusions for "black out" dates are:
    • IMEA
    • Commencement
    • Ag-Mech Show
  • All events are limited to the following numbers per month:
    • August: one event
    • September: two events
    • October: two events
    • March: two events
    • April: two events
    • May: none
  • All events for the first semester must be scheduled by October 1.
  • All events for the second semester must be scheduled by January 1.

Western Hall Advisory Committee
The committee will serve as a referral group to handle questions and concerns regarding current or upcoming events or activities. The committee will meet and confer regularly.

  • The committee shall consist of the following members:
    • Athletic Department Representative (Chair)
    • Bureau of Cultural Affairs Representative
    • University Union Board Representative
    • WESTEC Representative
    • Building Services Representative
    • Janitorial Representative
    • Scheduling and Event Services Representative
  • The duties of the committee are:
    • to annually review all Western Hall programming and to make scheduling and policy recommendations to the Vice President for Student Services;
    • to decide whether and/or which groups will be allowed to program an activity when the area of programming does not fall into one of the following specified areas of jurisdiction: Athletic Department, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, University Union Board, and University Union;
    • to act as an appeals board in jurisdiction and scheduling disputes among the four groups listed above and
    • to meet periodically to review major problems involving activity scheduling Western Hall facilities.