Student Development Office

Trademark Licensing Program

The Western Illinois University Trademark Licensing Program is administered by University Marketing. The program regulates, promotes, and protects the use of the University's name and identifying logos and trademarks. Trademark registration insures protection of the University's integrity and identity while simultaneously providing royalty income for the benefit of Student Services, Athletics, Alumni Programs and Advancement and Public Services. The program further promotes Western Illinois University's reputation by insuring that products bearing the University names and/or logos and marks are of high quality and good taste.

Written consent is needed from the trademark licensing administrator for use of the University name and/or marks. In addition, all artwork and designs must be approved in advance of production. Artwork is approved on a case-by-case basis utilizing the following criteria: products must display clearly identifiable "licensed marks," and products must be representative of high quality and good taste, incorporating no subtle messages such as the consumption of alcohol or use drugs. If you have questions about proper usage of the University names and/or marks, please contact University Marketing's Trademark Licensing administrator in the Division of Advancement and Public Services at (309) 298-1861, emial, or visit WIU Trademark Website.