Student Development Office

Organizations And Activities

Western Illinois University offers a variety of co-curricular activities designed to supplement the formal classroom education. The co-curricular program is considered to be especially significant and valuable in the University's attempt to provide for the overall development of the individual student.

Co-curricular activities provide opportunities for leadership, diversified recreation, and an outlet for special abilities. While membership in some groups is attainable only by upper-division students meeting specific honorary or professional standards, a variety of general student organizations and departmental groups offer opportunities for the new student making a start in campus leadership.

Student Organization Center
Located in the lower level of the University Union, the Student Organization Center (SOC) is home to campus organizations. There are more than 200 registered student organizations so there is something here for everyone. The SOC provides many services to registered organizations including computers, a conference room for meetings and retreats, and a glass display case to promote participation and upcoming events. The SOC is home to 16 student organizations committed to campus-wide programming including the Student Government Association.

These organizations offer valuable leadership experiences through their many opportunities to get involved and valuable leadership experiences at Western Illinois University. Joining an organization has many benefits like meeting people from all over campus, exploring a current interest, trying something new, or just having fun. Stop by the Student Organization Center and check out the different organizations at Western.

Registration of a Campus Organization
In order to function at Western Illinois University, a student organization must be officially registered with the Office of Student Activities. Except for a few special instances, this allows a group to use University facilities, (such as space and bulletin boards) and to be included in mailing of materials to all campus organizations. A new social media site for student organizations - - is the one-stop-shop for all organizational needs.The following procedures should be followed in registering:

  • Registration information and the on-line application can be found on the Office of Student Activities website and can be completed all online at
  • Gather these required items before beginning: electronic copy of the group's constitution (must be dated within two years of the registration deadline), President & Treasurer's Name, WIU ID, WIU email address, and phone number, WIU Faculty/Staff Advisor's name, title, WIU email address, and phone number, and a list of member's email addresses.
  • Each registered campus organization is responsible for:
    • Annually renewing its registration forms and submitting a constitution.
    • Proper scheduling of all major events.
  • Each organization must have a full time faculty/staff advisor and a minimum of 10 members.

Purple Post
PurplePost is the social media network for WIU registered Student Organizations. Whether you are a new student looking to get involved or a student leader looking to make the most of your organization, the tools you need are located at PurplePost.

On PurplePost: 

  • View a list of Registered Student Organizations & request to join
  • Advertise and view events on the virtual cork board
  • Customize and personalize your organization's page
  • Learn the latest on the campus event news feed
  • Track your service hours
  • Connect to other social media outlets so you're always in the know

Council on Student Activity Funds
Each student pays a student activity fee every semester that is collected by the Council on Student Activity Funds and then allocated to registered student organizations. The council consists of 10 students and three faculty members. Student activity funds are utilized to provide educational and entertaining programming for students, as well as opportunities for growth and development for students through leadership and service activities. For more information, contact the organizational finance officer at (309) 298-3232.

Faculty/Staff Advisers
Each student organization registered with the University is required to have a faculty/staff advisor.The advisor serves in a liaison capacity and is responsible for advising the organization regarding University regulations and policies and, in general, does what he or she can to promote the welfare of the organization. Advisors must be a full-time faculty or staff member.

Nondiscrimination Policy
No organization at Western Illinois University shall discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, marital status, national origin, disability, ethnicity, or veteran status in any University recruitment, hiring, training, or promotion activities.