Student Development Office

Policy Governing Major Student Organizations

In matters of an all-University nature (e.g., academics, administration, fiscal) it is recognized that the Student Government Association is the duly constituted representative body for the students. The Student Government Association must recognize the specialized area of jurisdiction of the other campus organizations and should give whatever help and assistance is desired. Living-area governmental bodies (Inter-Hall Council, Student Tenant Union), Greek letter governmental bodies (InterFraternity Council, Panhellenic), and University Union Board shall deal with problems within their realm, but should refer problems of an all-University nature to the Student Government Association.

Likewise, the Student Government Association should refer problems of a specialized nature to one of the aforementioned groups if it falls within their province. In situations where areas of responsibility overlap, the Student Government Association should take the initiative to coordinate efforts of all organizations concerned and should help formulate an all-University policy.

Approved by: Student Government Association, Inter-Hall Council, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic, University Union Board, Spring 1970.