Student Development Office

Administrative Withdrawal Procedure

In special emotional/psychological or physical health-related circumstances, the Vice President for Student Services designee, in consultation with the chief of medical staff, director of the student health center, director of the University Counseling Center, director of Student Development and Orientation, and Assistant Vice President for Student Services-Student Life, may recommend to the Vice President for Student Services the administrative withdrawal of a student based on the student's behavior. In making this recommendation, there must be a belief that the withdrawal of the student is in the best interest of the student and/or the University community.

The student's withdrawal from the University may not adversely affect his or her academic record.

Readmission to the University after such an administrative withdrawal must be approved by the Vice President for Student Services and requires documentation of the student's readiness to return to the campus community and the securing of special assistance if needed.

There will be a review and complete explanation of the reasons for this action with the student and/or the student's family or guardians when deemed appropriate by the Vice President or his/her designee.