Student Development Office

Academic Programs

WIU offers 66 undergraduate and 36 graduate degree programs, 8 pre-professional areas of study, 17 post-baccalaureate certificate programs, enriched learning opportunities for academically talented students, and opportunities for study across the United States and abroad. Programs and majors are offered through four academic colleges: the College of Arts and Sciences; the College of Business and Technology; the College of Education and Human Services; and the College of Fine Arts and Communication. For detailed information about each of the colleges and programs including course descriptions and degree requirements, consult the current undergraduate catalog or graduate catalog.

Centennial Honors College

The Centennial Honors College provides academically talented and motivated students an enriched academic curriculum and opportunities for leadership, professional growth, and service learning. The Honors program includes 43 different academic programs of study and provides a curriculum of special tutorials, colloquiums, seminars, and independent research.

Academic Assistance Centers

Need help with academics? Need someone to critique your papers? Your class instructors can assist with subject materials, test preparation, and tutors who can help you with individual classes. All you have to do is ask! Visit your instructors during their posted office hours. The following academic departments have tutorial centers, achievement centers, or skill and performance laboratories staffed to assist you in addition to the times your instructors are available in their offices. Since hours of operation may vary, you will need to contact each center for specific times.

Waggoner Hall 104
(309) 298-1546

Currens Hall 553
(309) 298-1538

Stipes Hall 202
(309) 298-1513

Simpkins Hall 341
(309) 298-2815

Foreign Languages
Morgan Hall 332
(309) 298-1558

Tillman Hall 203
(309) 298-1648

Tillman Hall 115A
(309) 298-1151

Morgan Hall 451
(309) 298-1470

Morgan Hall 206–Math 133,& 137
Morgan Hall 209–Math 106 &
206 (MERO)
Morgan Hall 211B–Math 099, 100,
123, & 128
(309) 298-1054

Philosophy and Religious Studies
Morgan Hall 456
(309) 298-1057

Currens Hall 515
(309) 298-1596

Political Science
Morgan Hall 459
(309) 298-1055

Waggoner Hall 111
(309) 298-1593

Sociology & Anthropology
Morgan Hall 309B
(309) 298-2066

University Writing Center
Simpkins Hall 341
(309) 298-2815

Study Spots

Looking for a quiet place to study? There are numerous locations throughout campus that offer great study environments. Since hours of operation vary, you will need to contact each location for specific times. Some locations include:

Casa Latina
Multicultural Center
(309) 298-3379

Currens Hall, Round Annex
Physical Science Library, 201
(309) 298-1407

Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center
Multicultural Center
(309) 298-2220

Horrabin Hall Curriculum Library
Room 80
(309) 298-1924

Leslie F. Malpass Library
(309) 298-2411

Math Resource Office
Morgan Hall 209
(309) 298-2275

Morgan Hall Front Corridor
(309) 298-1828

Quad Cities Writing Center
Room B14
(309) 762-9481 ext. 321

Sallee Hall Music Library
Room 108
(309) 298-1105

University Union
(various areas)
(309) 298-1941

University Writing Center
Simpkins Hall 341
(309) 298-2815

Bayliss/Henninger Hall,
lower level
(309) 298-3477

Waggoner Hall
Second Floor Reading Room
(309) 298-2408

Women's Center
Multicultural Center
(309) 298-2242