Student Development Office

Overview of Services


Academic Success and Personal Development

The Student Development and Success Center (SDSC) assists students through their transitional periods focusing on academic and personal development. Working closely with faculty, family members, University housing staff, counselors, health services personnel, and off-campus agencies, the SDSC assists students with their problems through proactive intervention. Our developmental approach emphasizes personal responsibility and helping students learn to help themselves.

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Emergency and Crisis Follow-up Assistance

The Student Development & Success Center (SDSC) serves as an emergency contact for students experiencing immediate health, emergency, or personal problems that may affect their academic performance. The SDSC acts as a liaison between students, family members, faculty, University personnel, and community agencies in crisis situations. As a liaison between these diverse areas, the SDSC staff provides academic and moral support to those who have experienced personal difficulties. In the event of the death of a student or immediate family member, the SDSC will assist with necessary notifications.

Student Absence

Students are responsible for notifying their instructors via O.A.R.S.  when they will be absent from classes in accordance with the instructor's guidelines for attendance. The SDSC will serve as a liaison with faculty in extreme emergency situations when students are unable to make direct contact with their instructors and offer guidance and direction to students. For further absence information, call the Student Development & Success Center at (309) 298-1884 or check out the Student Absence web page.

Exit Interviews/Total University Withdrawal

Student Development & Success Center (SDSC) conducts exit interviews when students are contemplating withdrawing from the university to ensure students are aware of all options and alternatives when making this critical decision. SDSC can provide insights that may impact a student's decision to withdraw. For further University Withdrawal information, call the Student Development & Success Center at (309) 298-1884 or check out the University Withdrawal web page.

Referral Services

Students are assisted in exploring appropriate resources and making referrals to other campus and community agencies such as the University Advising and Academic Support Center, University Counseling Center, Beu Health Center, and community mental health facilities.

Contact Info

Student Development and Success Center
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Phone: (309) 298-1884
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