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Officer Transition

Officer transitions are like changing seasons.

A thorough Officer Transition plan will provide an organization with continuity so that next year's officers can build on the knowledge gained rather than starting from scratch.  It is the responsibility of both the outgoing and the incoming officers to ensure a smooth transition, and it is so important to work together!  Remember, your WIU Faculty/Staff Advisor has likely been in that role for a few years and can be helpful during this transition.  Additionally, the staff in the SOC has compiled some tips below (including a step-by-step workbook!) to assist your RSO in creating a solid plan.

Why is a Transition Process Needed?

  • Provides an opportunity for outgoing officers to reflect on and share their successes and goals.
  • Helps formalize the end of the executive board's term of service.
  • Prepares incoming officers for the responsibilities of their new positions.
  • Prevents incoming officers from "reinventing the wheel".
  • Instills a sense of comfort and pride with incoming officers.
  • Introduces the incoming officers to the WIU Faculty/Staff Advisor.

Suggestions for an Effective Transition

  1. Within one week of elections update your Roster on! Note: if the incoming officers aren't actually taking over immediately, consider creating positions like "President-Elect" and "Treasurer-Elect" and giving those positions the same access as President or Treasurer so the incoming officers can really learn about while the current officers are around to answer questions.
  2. Prepare a binder of information to pass on (this could be an actual, physical binder or an electronic document).
  3. Encourage individual meetings between each outgoing and incoming officer.
  4. Arrange a transition meeting for the group and include the WIU Faculty/Staff Advisor.

To assist you with creating a plan specifically designed for your organization, download the WIU Student Organization Officer Transition Workbook.  It describes steps 2-4 above in more detail.  Also, if you would like a facilitator for your group transition meeting, contact us in the SOC at or (309)298-3232.

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