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The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Series is designed to help students reach their full leadership potential. The series features a variety of workshops throughout the semester that focus on student leadership. For Fall 2016, the workshops are based around the personal experience of students in attendance and will be interactive. The workshops are open to all students, regardless of leadership experience, and are typically hosted in the Student Organization Center in the basement of the University Union.

Fall 2016

Ignore the ‘I’ in Recruitment
Tuesday, September 6 at 6pm

Katie Schremp - Graduate Advisor, Greek Life Programs

Organizations thrive on the members that belong to them, and recruitment ensure quality members can find their way to the right organization. Come learn effective techniques for recruiting the right members to your organization from the recruitment experts.

Sorry, but I Need Some Quality Time with My Couch
Understanding and Engaging Introverts In Your Organization
Wednesday, September 14 at 5pm

Steve Schauz - Assistant Complex Director, University Housing and Dining Services
Emily Henkleman - Graduate Assistant, Women’s Center

Big plans for the weekend? Yep, having some quality time with my couch.

This workshop will have a dual-focus of how to engage members of your organization that may fall on the more introverted end of the spectrum and how to thrive as a leader if you are an introvert. There won't be any small talk here; just deep, meaningful conversations (and maybe a little not-so-in-your-face fun)!

Change Management
Monday, September 19 at 7pm

Justin Schuch - Assistant Director, University Housing and Dining Services
David Raymond - Assistant Complex Director, University Housing and Dining Services

From organization structures and responsibilities, to new visions or lack of vision, change is a central part of leadership. Still, change and adapting can be difficult for many of those we work with each day. This session will focus on how leaders can embrace change and effectively guide others via change management.

Who and What is My Organization
Thursday, September 22 at 6pm

Ann Comerford - Director, University Union

An interactive session on importance of organization history and constitution. Learn about other organizations and look for ways to improve recruitment and collaboration.

I Scream! You Scream! We All Scream for…Ice Breakers!
Tuesday, September 27 at 4pm

Stephanie Hovsepian - Assistant Director, Student Judicial Programs

Whether you're in an organization with new members, or participating in a group project with people you don't know, it's always helpful to have activities up your sleeve to help "break the ice." Come play games like, I Love My Neighbor Who..., Concentric Circles, and Evolution, and participate in other activities that you can then facilitate in the future!

Skills & Dollar Bills
Marketing Your College Experience to Employers
Monday, October 10 at 4pm

Michelle Howe - Assistant Director, Career Development Center

This session will guide students in understanding the skills employers seek in current college graduates. Students will reflect on the skills they have gained in college and develop strategies to market those skills to employers.

What is the ‘T’ in Team
Monday, October 17 at 5pm

Stacey Macchi - Assistant Professor & First Year Experience Faculty Associate

What does the T in Team stand for?  During this interactive workshop, we will explore some fundamentals of working in groups and teams, how to help propel your team to succeed all while working through various activities you can use to help make your team stronger.

How full is your bucket? 
Thursday, October 20 at 6pm

Jeremy Robinett - Assistant Professor, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Feeling overwhelmed, but still unproductive? Through guided discussions and hands-on activities (that may get a little messy), this program will help you strategize effective ways for setting realistic work and relationship goals.

Parks and Recognition
Wednesday, October 26 at 7pm

Staci Kohen - Assistant Complex Director, University Housing and Dining

“I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.” – Leslie Knope of “Parks and Recreation”

Be the KNOPE of whatever you do. Come do recognition with us!

Getting to Yes!
Navigating Institutional Politics/Organizational Culture
Thursday, November 3 at 5pm

Michelle Janisz - Director, Office of Student Activities

Understanding how to get a “yes” from people can be challenging! This session will teach you how to recognize institutional/organizational politics and how you can respond as a student leader within your organization to get to YES!


Talent Grant Recipients

Please note that you must attend at least TWO LEAD Series sessions each semester to receive funding. If schedule conflicts arise due to your class schedule, please contact early in the semester.  Programs currently not identified above and/or on the application need to have prior approval to be considered for Talent Grant credit. 

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