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LEAD Series

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Series, based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, is designed to help students reach their full leadership potential - and learn how to use these skills in their own lives and their roles in student organizations.  With presentations designed by a variety of students, professionals, and faculty, there's bound to be something you're interested in!  While some sessions may be designed for student organizations, all students are welcome to attend the LEAD Series in the Student Organization Center (SOC) regardless of involvement level. Simply pull up a purple couch and get ready to learn!

Upcoming LEAD Series Dates

C.L. Linsday                                                                                   

Tuesday, September 8, 7pm, Heritage Room
C.L. Lindsay: Higher Education Lawyer and Lecturer

The University Union Board and WIU Fraternity and Sorority Life are teaming up to present C.L. Lindsay, a lawyer and risk management speaker. Lindsay is student advocate and the country's foremost authority on Higher Education law.

Safe Space Training                                                                            

Wednesday, September 9th , 5pm, SOC                                                

Zack Neil: Graduate Assistant, LGBTQA Resource Center

You have identities and make assumptions on the identities of others. It's ok, everyone does it. But is it ok? A lot of times assumptions are not cool and make someone aware of the privileges they don't have. So what if we created an alternative? A place where we talk about gender, sex, and sexuality as well as how to create an inclusive. Enter Safe Space! Let's stand up and talk about the LGBT community and this thing called "ally." Come get Safe Space trained and start helping make our campus a better world for everyone!

Money Matters in Student Orgs

Thursday, September 17th, 5pm, SOC

Jason Homan, Graduate Assistant: Office of Student Activities

Megan Bainter, Financial Aid Advisor: Office of Financial Aid

Learn how to better manage your organization's money by thinking about your own. No matter your position in an organization, you should be invested in how it is being spent. This session will focus on income, expenses, and goals students leaders utilize to spend their money wisely.

Deconstructing the Hookup                    

Monday, September 21st, 7pm, SOC
Students T.A.L.K.

Come to this interactive presentation to discuss what "hooking-up" can mean to individuals, groups, and society. This presentation will give participants a chance to see how common it is for miscommunication to happen because of how different people think of "hooking-up" differently. We will also discuss other subjects that may not be brought up very often, so this session is a great opportunity to learn from others, challenge your own beliefs, and to have fun!

Rethinking Leadership Programming                                          

Thursday, September 24th, 7pm, SOC

Jason Homan: Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Activities

This is an opportunity for student leaders to provide feedback about the leadership programming they encounter on campus. The hope is to gain valuable feedback and brainstorm new ideas for leadership development on campus.

Huh? Whadya' say?

Tuesday, October 6th, 6pm, SOC

Brian Richter & Kelly Severs: Graduate Assistants, College Student Personnel Recruitment and Orientation

Are you sick and tire of living in this "selfie" generation? Are you ready to spend time focusing on others? If you said yes to either of these questions, then this discussion is perfect for you. Come join us for an interactive discussion on active listening. This is an important skill for future leaders, so come learn how to be an active listener and learn about its importance in the professional world!

The Ally, The Advocate, & The Professional                                              

Monday, October 12th, 7pm, Multicultural Center

Undocumented Students & Allies Coalition & Latin American Students Organization

As the university community is diversifying, this program goes in depth into the three-part model of supporting undocumented students on campus.

Leadership Lessons Learned in the Peace Corps                                      

Monday, October 19, 7pm, SOC

Ella Lehman & Jacob Hamilton: Graduate Studies Peace Corps Fellows

Have you heard of the Peace Corps? A global experience in which students go to developing countries to live with no water or electricity? Well, that is only part of the experience, so we will share some pictures and fun stories from living overseas, but we will also look in to Community, Commitment, Collaboration, and Citizenship in a global setting. We will discuss the challenges and obstacles that have been faced and overcome by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. These examples and situations apply to everyday life for all no matter where you are leading.

Marketing Your Leadership Skills

Wednesday, October 21, 7pm, SOC

Katie Barnard & Amy Yang: Graduate Assistants, Career Development Center

Prepare for life after student leadership and learn how to communicate your leadership experiences for the job and internship market. This session will engage students in a meaningful discussion about resumes, cover letters, and interview skills.

It's Not About Me

Wednesday, October 28, 5pm, SOC

Melinda Daniels: Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Activities

Jackie Heideggar: Assistant Complex Director, University Housing & Dining Services

What's your leadership style? Do you lead in a way that builds community, serves others, or considers the greater good? Come learn about servant leadership and how to lead by example from within.

Intersectionality & Leading

Tuesday, November 3, 7pm, SOC

Justin Schuch: Assistant Director of Leadership, University Housing & Dining Services

Intersectionality conversations are often viewed as the "next level" for leadership and inclusivity training, but can often be difficult to develop. This hands-on session will consist of an Intersectionality training activity utilized to teach individuals more about their own identities and how they play a role in their leadership styles. 

Fall Leadership Conference*                                                           

Saturday, November 7, 9am-2:30pm, University Union
Office of Student Activities, Fall Leadership Conference Planning Committee

This is a one-day leadership conference featuring sessions led by students, faculty, and staff on campus. The keynote speaker will be Justin Jones-Fosu from Campus Speak; a dynamic presenter who excels at motivating, inspiring, and energizing students. Lunch will be served and a slightadmission will be charged to students who attend. Registration will be on Purple Post in early Fall Semester. *This event will qualify as two LEAD Series credits.

Talent Grant Recipients

Please note that you must attend at least TWO LEAD Series sessions each semester to receive funding. If schedule conflicts arise due to your class schedule, please contact early in the semester.

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Past LEAD Series
Fall 2014

Leadership Lessons from 9/11, Rebecca Novick and Melinda Daniels, Leadership & Service Graduate Assistants

Untying the Human Knot, Becky Collins, Leadership & Service Graduate Assistant

I Survived A Campus Shooting, Maria Ruiz-Santana, NIU Campus Police Officer

Building on Student Leadership, Ann Comerford, Director of the University Union.

Pitch Perfect:  How to Sell Yourself, Sidney Colbert, Student Tenant Union President.

Reframing Leadership, Becky Collins, Leadership & Service Graduate Assistants

Removing the 'Cry' from Crisis: Learning to work through Adversity Toward Exceptional Leadership, Rayvon Shelton, Graduate Student

Your Own Personal Brand - What Your Actions Say About YOU, Pat McGrath, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation - Aquatics and Outdoor Pursuits.

Sorry Not Sorry: Leadership and Public Relations Following a Mistake, Melinda Daniels, Caitlyn Westfall, and Katie Effertz, College Student Personnel Graduate Assistants

Exploring Gender Perceptions in Student Organizations, Justin Kim, Director of Public Relations for Student Government Association