Student Government Association

Letter from Student Body President

As a Macomb native and proud Leatherneck, I extend a warm welcome as we approach the start of a new academic year. Whether you are returning to campus, or making one of our residence halls your home for the first time, we are glad that you are here.

At WIU, our top priority is, and has always been, our students. We remain committed to providing a high quality education, opportunities for growth, personal and professional development, and a wide range of activities for all of our students. Western Illinois University has stood for nearly 118 years, and will continue to be a driving force in higher education for another 118 years and beyond. We could not do it without the support of the Macomb community, our dedicated faculty and staff, and students like you.

This year, take advantage of the new challenges ahead. Find the mentors and people that will help you tirelessly pursue opportunities. Open your mind to new ideas and experiences, and be a force for positivity and inclusiveness. Never be afraid to ask for help. WIU is a family, and we are united in one thing: our Leatherneck Pride.

I hope each of you will come to find Western to be the place that I am, and countless alumni, faculty, staff, and students are, proud to call home.

All the best,

Grant Reed
WIU Student Government President