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Current Student Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship GPA, ACT, etc Major/other requirements Award Deadline to apply Apply/Contact Comments
Award amounts and deadline dates are subject to change
WIU Takes Care of Its Own Scholarship   WIU employee or dependent* of WIU employee currently in permanent layoff status; any class level; no minimum hours enrollment;demonstrated financial need (FAFSA); GPA may be considered Varies Contact the Scholarship Office

Contact the Scholarship Office

*Meets the definition of dependent for purposes of the 50% Tuition Waiver for Children of Public University Employee
Martin Dupuis Award   Leadership in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community

Leadership in historically underrepresented community
$1,000 Contact Office of Equal Opportunity & Access or the Centennial Honors College Office of Equal Opportunity & Access or the Centennial Honors College One scholarship is awarded from each department
Roland Grass Memorial Scholarship     $250 Contact Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi  
Lowell/Grabill Scholarship   Any class level, student must submit an outstanding paper $200 Contact Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi  
Phi Kappa Phi Award Top 5% of Junior class based on GPA Junior class standing $400 Contact Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi  
Phi Kappa Phi Sheila & Paul Nollen Scholarship   Contact Phi Kappa Phi varies Contact Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi  
Civil Service Dependents Scholarship   Full time undergraduate student who is a dependent of a Civil Service employee at WIU $1,000 Contact the Human Resources Office Human Resources  
Shane and Tena Bennett Scholarship Minimum 3.5 GPA Second semester grad student at the time of award; Member of the Recreational Sports Professional Society; U.S. citizen $250 Contact Campus Recreation Campus Recreation  
Delta Sigma Phi Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Active member in good standing; Living in house at the time of award; Junior or Senior; Involved in campus activities and Greek life $300 Contact the Chapter Advisor of Delta Sigma Phi/ Gamma Kappa Chapter Chapter Advisor  
Delta Tau Delta Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Undergraduates of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at WIU; Enrolled in the semester following the one in which they receive the scholarship Varies Contact Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta  
Delta Zeta Scholarship Minimum 2.7 GPA Active member of Delta Zeta; Demonstrate financial need $250 Contact Delta Zeta Epsilon Omicron chapter Delta Zeta Epsilon Omicron chapter  
Ron and Sharon Gierhan Scholarship   Has shown commitment and contribution to their extracurricular groups or organizations on campus $200 Spring Semester Office of Student Activities Nominated by faculty, staff, advisors, or other students
Zeta Theta Scholarship Minimum 2.75 GPA Member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity in good standing; In good judicial and academic standing with the University Varies Contact Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Selected by the TKE Alumni
Dr. Josephine Johnson Delta Upsilon Fraternity Scholarship   Junior or senior class level at time of nomination; Outstanding student from the WIU Greek community: scholarship, leadership, Greek community involvement; Demonstrated activities that benefit WIU; Varies Contact the Delta Upsilon Fraternity Contact the Delta Upsilon Fraternity Nomination by a member of the Greek community and/or a faculty member
Student Government Association Undergraduate Scholarship Minimum cumulative 2.8 GPA Undergraduate $400 each Contact the Office of Student Activities Office of Student Activities Completed application and personal essay
Sigma Nu for Greek Student Leaders Minimum 3.5 GPA Junior or Senior; Active member of a Greek Fraternal organization $250 Contact Office of Student Activities Office of Student Activities  
Kelvin Butts Memorial Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Student currently residing in the residence halls with the intention of returning to the residence halls for the following year; Demonstrate outstanding character and leadership in residence halls $525 Contact University Housing & Dining Services Contact University Housing & Dining 2016 deadline is 4:30 p.m. April 15, 2016
Resident Assistant (RA) Council Scholarship   Evaluated by accomplishments and contributions; Good GPA 2 @ $250 Contact University Housing & Dining Services University Housing & Dining Services Financial need may be considered
Kristi Gilbert Memorial Scholarship   Diagnosed with epilepsy; Good academic standing; Full time; Financial need $1,000 Contact the Disability Resource Center Contact the Disability Resource Center  
Robert Elkin/Jeanne Larkin Memorial Scholarship Minimum 3.5 GPA General Orientation student who has completed at least 12 hours at WIU; Contribution to the University $350 Contact University Advising Center University Advising Center  
Colonel Leo W. Manning Outstanding ROTC Cadet Award Minimum 3.0 GPA Meet all eligibility requirements for graduation and for military pre-commissioning; Assessment by Dept. of Army Selection and Branching Board $800 Contact Military Science Department Military Science Department  
Career Development Center Job Search Scholarship   Good judicial standing; senior class level Varies Contact Career Development Center Career Development Center Professional resume; essay; interview
Redeemed Students Fellowship Scholarship   Active member of the WIU Redeemed Students Fellowship; Good academic standing; Enrolled at least half time $200 Contact International Studies or the Redeemed Students Fellowship Contact International Studies or the Redeemed Students Fellowship Essay required
Sam Taylor Leadership Award   Agriculture major; Member of Alpha Gamma Sigma; Full time; Good academic standing Varies Contact the AGS house president Contact the AGS house president Award supports annual conference attendance
BCA Executive Board Award   Elected officer of the BCA E-board; The President must have held a BCA executive position in the prior year; Eligible students must hold an elected position on E-board Varies Contact BCA or the Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication BCA or the Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication  
Amy Titus Memorial Scholarship   WIU Westernette or WIU Cheerleader $250 Feb. 1 after Westernette/
Cheerleader season
Epsilon Beta Memorial Scholarship Minimum 2.5 GPA Undergraduate; Full time; African American; Completed a minimum of 30 semester hours of college courses, Involved in two or more student organizations on campus Varies February 5 Application  
Roy Shepard Scholarship Minimum 2.5 GPA African American student; 60 hours completed by the semester; Full-time; LEJA major $400 February 13 Application  
Andrea Passmore Memorial Scholarship   Graduate of Macomb Senior High School, IL; enrolled full time; volunteer activity and community service $1,000 March 1 Application Financial need considered
Pre-Law Honors Scholarship Minimum 3.4 GPA Junior or Senior; Honors College Pre-Law Minor; Good academic standing; Campus/community service $5,000 March 24 Centennial Honors College  
G. Allan & Gertrude Laflin Alumni Council  Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Child of an alumnus of WIU; Completed 75 hours by end of semester in which applying; Active in university student organizations $1,000 March 30 Alumni House Must complete a fifth semester at WIU. Apply during Junior year
McDonough County Retired Teachers Association Minimum 3.0 GPA Accepted into a Teacher Certification Program; Graduate of a McDonough County high school or resident of McDonough county; Full time enrollment $500

March 31

(prior to the applicant's junior or senior year in college)

Ethan Dobereiner Memorial Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Quad Cities or Peoria area resident; Full time; Teacher Education; Undergraduate $1,000 April 1 Application  Preference given to early childhood and secondary social science majors; Financial need is a consideration
Jack and Deedee Brannigan Scholarship GPA at least 2.5 but not greater than 3.0 Completed 60 semester hours by end of semester of application $2,000 April 1


Corydon M. Hubbert Scholarship   Resident of Scott County, IL; Enrolled as full-time student $1,300  April 1 Application Renewable up to graduation - must maintain a 3.0 GPA
Anika Singh Memorial Scholarship Minimum 3.25 GPA Completed 60 hours by end of semester in which applying; Demonstration of public/community service $500 April 1 Application  
UNITY Textbook Scholarship   WIU UNITY member; Demonstrated leadership and/or service in the LGBTQA+ community; Financial need  Varies  April 1  Application  
University Women Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Female; Will complete a minimum of 30 semester hours by the end of semester in which applying; open to grads also $1,000 April 1 Application Financial need; preference to leadership and/or community service on WIU's campus or community
Charles and Barbara Flack Scholarship   Good standing member of the Centennial Honors College; Intent to attend law school; Financial need $250 April 1 Centennial Honors College, Malpass Library Preference will be given to applicants from west central Illinois
Theta Chi Alumni Scholarship Minimum 2.75 GPA Descendant of Theta Chi alum; 30 semester hours by end of spring; Full time; U.S. Citizen $1,000 April 1 Application Preference to veteran and leadership/community involvement
Joseph R. Withers Memorial Scholarship Minimum 2.8 GPA Enrolled full time; Child of a single parent with financial need based on FAFSA Varies April 1 Application Preference given to a student from Peoria area; If multiple applicants preference will be given to a student of the Christian faith
Kerstin Taylor Student Alumni Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Sophomore or Junior class standing $200 April 1 Application  
Donald D. & Donna Hainline Scholarship 2.5 GPA sophomore 2.8 junior/senior Elementary Education & Reading, Special Education, or Agriculture major; moral American citizen with no criminal record; full time; undergraduate; McDonough or surrounding counties graduate $100 April 1 Scholarship Office Preference given to descendants of the Hainlines. Financial need is a consideration
Leroy Daniels Scholarship Minimum 2.5 GPA Ethnic minority; Illinois resident; demonstrated evidence of leadership activities Usually $500 April 1 Application Preference is given to a Macomb Senior High School, IL graduate
Rebekah District Association #12 of Illinois 100F Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Lodge affiliation; Verification of lodge affiliation membership $200 April 15 Application Undergraduate only; No grades below a C-
Chad Stovall Memorial Scholarship   Must be diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or Attention Deficit Disorder; Good academic standing; Enrolled full time Varies April 15 Disability Resource Center Financial need will be considered; Renewable
Parent and Family Association Book Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Sophomore class level; Freshman year completed at WIU; full time; EFC = 0 (financial need); U.S. citizen; campus/community involvement $500

Fall: May 1

Spring: November 1

Susan D. & Timothy J. Adams Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Non-Music major; Full-time; Active participation in any of the musical performance ensembles in the School of Music (both semesters) $1,000 May 1 of student's spring semester at WIU Application Financial need is a consideration
Chuck Gilbert Scholarship Minimum 2.25 GPA 30 hours completed at time of application; Undergraduate; Full-time Equal to 1/2 Tuition and Fees May 1 Application Must be/have been an active member of the Iota Omicron Fraternity
PFA Gold Member Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Demonstrated financial need using the FAFSA; parent must be a PFA Gold member $500 May 1 Application  
C. Emery & Thelma B. Sallstrom Scholarship Minimum 3.5 GPA Junior or Senior; Resident of Adams or Knox County $1,500 May 1 Application Renewable up to graduation - must maintain a 3.5 GPA
James & Bea Wehrly Scholarship Minimum 3.5 GPA Apply during sophomore year or going into junior year in the fall, or will complete 60 hours by the end of sophomore spring semester $1,000 May 1 Application Renewable up to graduation - must maintain a 3.5 GPA
Dr. Rudi Womack Scholarship Minimum 2.0 GPA Current member of Heritage Ensemble or United Voices of Western Inspirational Singers; Current or past OAS student; Enrolled full time $500 May 1 Application  
Lawrence Blatchley Memorial Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Enrolled full time; U.S. citizen; Senior class level; Working toward first baccalaureate degree; Financial need $500 May 1 Application Senior class level when the scholarship is disbursed
Gary and Jo Schwartz Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Must be sophomore at time scholarship disbursed; Demonstrate leadership within campus organizations during freshman year Varies May 1  Application Must be a sophomore at time scholarship is disbursed; Apply during freshman year
Parent & Family Association Dalcamo Leadership Award Minimum 3.0 GPA Enrolled full time; Sophomore, junior, or senior; U.S. citizen; Demonstrates volunteerism and/or community service Varies May 1 Application Preference given to a sophomore
Fallen Soldier Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Student with minimum 1 year active duty; Undergraduate having completed at least 30 credit hours at WIU or graduate class level; Full time $500

July 31

Black Alumni Scholarship Minimum 2.5 GPA African American student; Full time; Currently enrolled students have at least 24 hours completed by end of semester in which applying; Record of community service Varies

New freshman/transfer: August 1

Currently enrolled student: July 1

Application Renewable with reapplication
Fraternal Order of Police Book Scholarship   Full time; Resident of McDonough County when you graduated from high school $100

August 1 for Fall Semester

January 5 for Spring Semester

Application Drawing
Eric R. and Cherie J. Clark Scholarship for Married Students Minimum 3.0 GPA Husband and wife attending full time at WIU Macomb campus; Both employed; Financial need using the FAFSA $5,000 to each student; $10,000 total scholarship August 5 Contact Scholarship Office  
Tug Haddock Memorial Scholarship   Highly gifted WIU student interested in broadcasting; Junior or senior; Board operator and/or broadcast journalist $1,500 September 15 WIUM-FM  
Beu Jeans for Scholarships Minimum 2.75 GPA Health-related field; full time; financial need $1,000 September 26 Application Maximum 500 word essay
Episcopal Church of St. George Harold McMullen Memorial Scholarship At least sophomore standing Episcopal faith attending an Episcopal church; full time; good academic and judicial standing $500 September 27 Scholarship Office  
Pi Kappa Alpha Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Male freshman or transfer student; Good academic standing; Epitomize a scholar, leader, athlete, and gentleman varies September 27    
Marjorie Bradshaw Memorial Scholarship Minimum 3.0 GPA Junior or Senior; has been a University Union employee for a minimum of one year $250 October 1 Office of Student Activities Preference given to a Hancock or McDonough County resident
William H. and Eva L. Graham Scholarship   Current employee of the University Library; Good academic standing $900 October 12 Leslie F. Malpass Library Administration Office Not renewable; Essay required
Richard J. Janoski Security Scholarship   Senior LEJA major with Security minor; enrolled full time $1,000 October 31 Stipes Hall 403, Macomb or WIU-QC 3300 River Drive, Moline Information also available at the ASIS International WIU-Macomb Student Chapter Meetings
Spring for Books Scholarship Minimum 2.5 GPA may be considered Enrolled full time at WIU at the time of application and when funds are disbursed; current year FAFSA completed Varies December 1  Application Preference may be given to students who: completed the current year FAFSA by Oct. 15 and/or have earned  10-59 semester hours at WIU