Student Success and Parent Programs

Freshman or New Families

By now, your student is starting to get familiar with the University. Your student is beginning to develop life-long friendships and hopefully, gaining confidence in his or her classes. You will get to experience it firsthand and help relieve any potential anxiety through events such as Dads' WeekendMoms' Weekend, Family Day, and Homecoming, all of which are very highly respected among parents. As your student starts to become more independent, it is important to remember to support him or her in making responsible and independent decisions.

Midterms are taking place around mid October and early academic warnings will be available to students. For any student who might need academic assistance, there are many academic resources available to meet his or her needs. It is time for your student to be thinking about registering for courses for the next semester. Your student will need to remind your student that his or her University bill must be less than $500.00, there are no registration holds on the student's account, and he or she will meet with his or her advisor in advance of the assigned registration date.

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Student Success and Parent Programs
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