Student Success and Parent Programs

Freshman or New Families

Your student has finally made it! He or she is heading off to college to start a new part of his or her life. This may be challenging experience for both you and your student. Your student may feel excited, homesick, lonely, and relieved all at once. It is important, as a parent, to offer encouragement. Provide support to your student when he or she may need more confidence. It is often best to let the student initiate contact with you during the first few weeks of the semester as this gives them an opportunity establish independence. Gently guide your student so he or she will experience everything Western has to offer!

On or about August 5th, the first bill will be available on the student's STARS account.  The University no longer mail a paper copy of the bill to the student.   At this time of year, the student's bill statement and detials may not reflect all of the charges to be incurred. The bill details is a daily update of all debits and credits. Hopefully, you and your student have developed a plan in advance to for school expenses. There are different payment methods that you can choose from including an automated payment plan and an open payment plan. In addition to grants, scholarships and student loans, Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students and private alternative loans are additional resources available to students and parents. This is also the time when the majority of employment opportunities are available. Student employment helps the student establish valuable work references, manage his or her time and money, and assume additional responsibility.

Your student may request certification of her or his enrollment so that parents can apply for employer health benefits, auto insurance discounts and other student related discount programs.  These forms are available in the Student Assistance and Parent Service Center, University Union or the Registrar's Office, Sherman Hall

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