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The Office of Student Success and Parent Programs is here to help you.   We are committed to helping students thrive by increasing their engagement on and off campus, fostering their  academic success and creating a supportive social environment.  We know making the transition to university can be filled with joy, as well as, a few surprises.  We also know maintaining the path towards your graduation day can be made easier if you have a solid network of services and support at your fingertips. 

Our mission is to provide comprehensive services that will empower our students and connect them with the resources they need to achieve their academic and personal goals.

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Learning about the first year adjustments is an important step in the transition to college.  Certain times during the academic year we see trends that are universal challenges for our students.  Although listed by month, no student has the same transitional experience.

  • August/September
    • Excitement
    • Anxiety - about leaving home, classes, faculty or roommate
    • Time management with new found freedom
    • Frequent communication with home or visiting home
    • General loneliness or homesickness
    • First Exam
  • October
    • Roommate problems begin to arise
    • Questioning the "fit" at the University
    • Grades are coming in on tests
    • Relationships from home began to fade or remain strong
    • Mid-term grades are posted
    • Consequences for good/poor decision making are being felt
  • November
    • Roommate Challenges continue or resolve
    • Classroom work become much greater with many task being completed prior to break
    • Excitement or anxiety about returning home for first full week break from college
    • Illnesses increase in residence halls (colds, flu, etc)
  • December
    • Anxiety over preparing for finals
    • Excitement or Anxiety about the upcoming semester break
    • Sadness about leaving new relationships or friendships
    • Excitement or Anxiety over first semester grades being posted
  • January
    • New semester means a fresh start
    • Contemplating the meaning of fall grades
    • Missing home and readjusting back to school
    • Relationship back home being missed
    • Relief being back at school and away from home
  • February
    • Winter Blues - depressed or feeling claustrophobic
    • Illnesses
    • Housing decisions
    • Valentines Day brings out loneliness
  • March
    • Planning for spring break
    • midterm stress
    • Planning starts for summer employment
    • Weight gains
  • April
  • May

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