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Rocky Dollars

What is Rocky Dollars?

All WIU ID Cards have been set up with a $0 Rocky Dollars account initially. Rocky Dollars is a debit-like account that is accessed using your WIU ID Card. After you deposit money into your Rocky Dollars account, you can present your WIU ID Card as a form of payment to purchase goods and services on campus.

Where can I use Rocky Dollars?

 Dining Centers & Convenience Stores
 Dividends (Stipes) 
 Union Food Court 
 Laundry Machines 
 Vending Machines 
      University Bookstore
 Library Copy Machines 
 Student Recreation Center 
 Mussatto Golf Course 
 DPS Printing & Copying Services 



How do I add Rocky Dollars to my WIU ID Card?

  1. Students can purchase dollars via a credit or debit card by visiting our Rocky Dollar Purchase webpage.
  2. Parents can purchase dollars for a student via a credit or debit card by visiting our Parent Rocky Dollar Purchase webpage.
  3. You can add dollars via cash/check/credit card or debit card in Seal Hall at the University Housing and Dining Services office.
  4. You can add dollars via cash or check at the Union Service Center (right outside the bookstore).

Rocky Dollars are available for use approximately 15 minutes after purchase. 

Add to Rocky Dollars...

Add Money Students: Add Rocky Dollars to your account
Add Money Parents: Add Rocky Dollars to a student account
Add Money Faculty/Staff: Add Rocky Dollars to your account