Multicultural Center

Multicultural Center

multicultural center

The Multicultural Center was officially opened August of 2009, and is located across the street from the University Union. The center is home to the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center, Casa Latina Cultural Center, and Women's Center. The center is unique in that it is the first building on Western's Macomb campus to be constructed under green standards, including a grass roof. Being located in one central location gives the three centers, Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center, Casa Latina Cultural Center, and the Women's Center, a chance to enhance their goals of educational, social and cultural programs, and resources that will help to focus the campus community's awareness and appreciation of ethnic and gender diversity. In addition to the three areas previously mentioned the Multicultural Center houses the following facilities, which are available and must be reserved in advance through one of the Centers.

Multicultural Center Reservation Request

It is required that before all requests will be considered, that you must contact the Union Scheduling and Event Services to see if the Union has a room available.


  • Resource room
  • Study room
  • Boardroom
  • Activity room
  • Pool table
  • Computer room
  • Multipurpose room
  • Lactation room
  • Kitchen

Current Events

  • There are currently no events scheduled for this calendar.