Facility Related Questions 

Display Room

May I see a room when I visit campus?
During the summer, we don't have a display room set-up except for Admissions in Olson hall. You can go online to see renderings, floor plans and pictures of the rooms.

Room Layout Questions

What items are in the room?
Each room is equipped with a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, and blinds. There are desk lights and wall lights. If it is a double room there will be two of everything. In some rooms we have movable furniture. Please see individual hall pages on this site for details.

What does a Super-Single room have in it?
Super Single rooms have one of everything listed above, plus an overstuffed chair and small table.

What does a Suite Style Living Room have in it?
Suite Style Living Rooms are available in Corbin Hall. These rooms share a common room which has a loveseat, overstuffed chair, and microfridge in it.

What does a Suite Style Bathroom Room have in it?
Suite Style Bathroom Rooms are available in Caroline Grote Hall. Two rooms share a bathroom in these arrangements.

Are the rooms carpeted?
Halls that have carpet in the rooms are Bayliss, Henninger, Thompson, Tanner, Lincoln, Caroline Grote & Washington. Corbin/Olson does not have carpet in the rooms.

What color is the carpet in the rooms?
The color of the carpet varies depending on the hall.

Where do I go to find out room dimensions and measurements for beds, dressers, and closets in the halls?
The measurements for the beds and other furniture located in the rooms can be found on the individual the Residence Hall pages or you may call Seal Hall and someone will help you.

Mattresses and Bed Questions

What size are the mattresses?
Our mattresses are 80 inches long. They will need extra long sheets. They are available at most stores and we will be sending some information on how you can order them from a company we contract with.

How much room is under the bed?
There is 9 inches from the floor to the bottom of the bed.

Are cinder blocks allowed to raise your beds?
Cinder blocks are not allowed to raise your bed. However, bed risers are allowed for bed raising.

May I loft the bed?
Yes you can. The dimensions of the room, which you can find on our web site, will help you in constructing the loft, however we do not give out specific guidelines. We only require that the unit is free standing and protected with a fire resistant coating of paint. Often students sell them and we post signs in the hall lobby advertising this. In Bayliss, Henninger, Corbin/Olson, Thompson, Lincoln, Washington and Caroline Grote you are not allowed to bring a loft or bunk bed. These halls have moveable furniture that already stacks into a bunk situation.

How do I rent a loft?
Students residing in Tanner may rent a loft through bedloft.com (www.bedloft.com). The loft will be placed in the student room upon his or her arrival. It is the student's responsibility to put up the loft. 

Microfridge Questions

What is a Microfridge?
It is a combination unit which includes a refrigerator, freezer and microwave. They rent for $130 per academic year (August-May) and are generally split if there is a roommate. If both roommates request a Microfridge, we will only put one in the room before students arrive to the hall. See our Microfridge page for details.

If my roommate moves out will I get charged for the Microfridge?
If both students are renting the Microfridge unit, the unit stays in the room and the student leaving will forfeit their amount. Thus the students staying will not be charged extra. If the student leaving the room has rented the unit individually the unit will be transferred to his/her room or removed depending on the request of the students.

Cable TV Questions

Do the rooms have cable?
Yes. Students have access to over 50 some channels and the cost is included in the room and board fees. View a list of cable channels here.

What do I do when my cable is not working?
Students should go down to the information desk and fill out a form that will be given to the Hall Clerk and they will submit a work order to get it fixed. (NOTE: If you are receiving stations 1-12 only and not the others, you need to re-program your TV)

Computer/Internet Questions

What about internet access?
All rooms are wired with 10/100BaseT Ethernet for direct high-speed internet access. They must have an ethernet card in their computer.

Is there wireless within the rooms?
WIU is undergoing an aggressive wireless update this summer with the goal of having wireless in the rooms by the time the halls open in the Fall. If it is not complete, there is a direct line internet access port in each room. All academic buildings and residence hall common areas (excluding floor lounges) have wireless.

Can both roommates have a computer?
Yes, but there is only one data connection. They will either need to get a hub or switch.

Telephone Questions

What about telephone service?
Telephone access is available in each residence hall room; however, the line must be activated by the student which will include a monthly charge. If you would like to activate your phone line, simply call Western Telephone Services (WESTEL) at (309) 298-2701. Students need to supply their own phone if they wish to use this service

Bathroom Questions

When are the bathrooms cleaned?
The residence hall bathrooms are cleaned everyday Mon-Fri. Cleaning times vary between floors. The custodial staff will post the cleaning times on the entrance to the bathroom during the first week of school. Residents in Grote Hall are required to clean their own bathrooms.

Are all of the bathrooms community bathrooms?
All of the bathrooms in the residence halls are community bathrooms, except for Caroline Grote Hall in which 2 rooms share a bathroom . Each is equipped with several sinks, toilets, urinals, and showers. Showers have curtain or poly-mar doors.

Do you have to bring your own toilet paper?
Toilet paper will be provided. The only exception to this is Grote Hall where residents have to supply their own toilet paper.

Storage and Moving of Furniture Questions

Are there storage spaces in the halls?
There are storage closets on each floor for student to store luggage and boxes. Space, however, is limited, and we do not store items that are of great value, i.e. bikes, golf clubs.

Can I store my furniture?
In some halls we have space to store bedframes if a student brings a loft. Space is given on a first come first serve basis. We do not store any other furniture other than bedframes.


Are their regular treatments in the halls for pests?
We have regular inspection and treatment of all our facilities. If you have a request to have your room treated, please complete a maintenance request form and inform your hall staff. Lady bugs are common in our halls as they are in many places across the Midwest. We do what we can to prevent these from entering. They are not harmful to human beings.

Cooking in the Halls Questions

May I cook in the halls?
There are kitchens located in the common areas of the halls. Students may check-out cooking equipment from most of the residence hall front desks.

Extension Cord Questions

Can I use extension cords in the residence halls?
Extension cords can be used in the residence halls, however, they must be at least a 14 gauge cord. If the cords are of a smaller gauge, they will be confiscated. Multiple outlet plugs are not allowed and will be confiscated. Outlet strips are permitted in the halls, but require a surge protector.

Microwave & Refrigerator Questions

What are the restrictions on fridges and microwaves?
Students can have microwaves in their rooms (if they are fewer than 700 watts) but toasters, toaster ovens, hot pots, hot plates, George Foreman grills, etc. are not allowed in student rooms. Refrigerators are limited to 4.6 cubic feet and must be Energy Star Rated.

Heat/AC Questions

When does the heat get turned on?
We consider long range weather forecasts as well as current building temperatures before we make decisions about air conditioning and heat changes. Our systems take several days to change over from one system to another.

Laundry Questions

Where do I do my laundry?
There are laundry facilities in each hall located in a common area. It costs $1.25 to wash and $1.00 to dry. Students can use coins or Rocky Dollars in the laundry facilities.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us at (309) 298-2461 or via email to housing@wiu.edu.

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