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Move-in Crew

Move-In Crew Application for 2012-2013

General Information

- -

(both on and-off campus students are encourage to apply)

(cell phone preferred)

If selected, each move-in crewmember is provided a free shirt with the expectation of wearing it during your assigned shifts. Please indicate your shirt size:

T-Shirt Size:*

Each move-in crewmember is expected to work a minimum of two shifts, although more is preferred. Please indicate the shifts you have a conflict with and you are NOT able to assist:

Times NOT available for Friday, August 17:

Times NOT available for Saturday, August 18:

The above does schedule does not reflect the final schedule. Your acceptance in to move-in crew may depend on your availability to assist during opening. If you are unable to assist during the above times, we encourage you not to apply for Move-In Crew.

In addition to volunteering as a crewmember, there is a Move-In Crew Captain position available at each building to assist with the overall coordination of carts, waiting line and general customer service issues. This position requires strong organization and customer service related skills. Not everyone who applies to be a move-in crew captain is guaranteed a position.

Is there any thing else helpful for the Move-in Crew Coordinator to know when assigning shifts?

If any of this information changes prior to being accepted, please notify us by emailing

(*) - Required Information

**Applicants will be notified via email of their acceptance during the summer and where they have been placed at training in August. Placement will be made upon halls that need the most help during opening.
**If you are notified of acceptance and you do not complete your scheduled assignment(s), you will be charged a no-show fee which the current early move-in daily rate ($40/day).
****Resident Assistants for the 2012-2013 Academic Year cannot volunteer for Move-In Crew.