2013-2014 Housing Contract Renewal

Spring Renewal Process

The spring renewal process is for students who are new to campus, forgot to renew in December or simply want to change their housing contract for next year. If you already participated in renewal back in the Fall, you do not have to participate in the Spring renewal process.

Students who are staying on campus for the following year will participate in our room and contract renewal process. The first two days of renewal are devoted to students who wish to live in their same hall and current room with their current lifestyle preferences (which help us determine roommate matches). Once same hall/same room renewal is complete, students are allowed to renew to eligible residence hall rooms across campus based on an assigned access time. During the room selection process students can also make any changes to their lifestyle preferences, choose their own roommates, select a dining plan and choose to rent a microfridge for the upcoming year.

Important Information:

  • Students with less than 60 hours of academic credit or less than 4 semesters of living on campus are required to live on campus. There is a penalty for not fulfilling this requirement. If you have questions as to eligibility to move off campus, please contact Bridget McCormick in Seal Hall at 309-298-3320.
  • If you renew with UHDS, you will have until March 1, 2013 to cancel your Residence Hall Contract for 2013-2014 academic year. If you cancel after this day you will be assessed a double room contract breakage fee. This fee is approximately $2,300 depending on your rate code. Keep this date is mind as you are planning for next year. If you aren't sure about your housing options yet, it is better to renew today and work out the details later (as long as you break your contract before March 1, 2013).

How Does Renewal Work?

  • All renewal occurs on S.T.A.R.S. (when available) and you will have the opportunity to self-select your room for next year. Because of our process, renewal is based on your current contract number, room/hall assignment as well as on a first come, first served basis. Since renewal has happened for a majority of our students last semester, not all rooms (including your current room) may be available.
  • If you are a new student, on February 4, you will be assigned a time to renew (much like course registration). Assignments will be made based upon class status and housing contract number. You will be sent an email to your WIU email account with your specific times or you can check your S.T.A.R.S. account.
  • Based on your assigned renewal time, you will be able to search for open rooms until open renewal closes. Each floor has a pre-assigned number of singles and doubles. Once that number has been reached for a particular community, that floor and/or building may not show as available for renewal. Once you find the room you want, you must select "YES" when asked to confirm the room.
  • During the renewal process, you will be asked to update your lifestyle preference, required to select a meal plan option as well as be given the opportunity to reserve a MicroFridge for next year.

Which Rooms Are NOT Available for Renewal?

  • Higgins will not be available for renewal.
  • All of Bayliss Hall, Henninger Hall and Tanner Hall will be exclusively First Year Experience (FYE) Communities. No renewal is available to these buildings.
  • Thompson Hall 15, 16, & 17 will house the Transfer Year Experience (TYE) Community. No renewal is available to those floors in Thompson.
  • Thompson 4 (female) will house the upper-division Nursing LLC.
  • Thompson 3 will house the upper-division Honors LLC.
  • Corbin 5 will be entirely upper-division Broadcasting LLC. If you are on the Fine Arts portion of Corbin 5, you will have the opportunity to advance renew to only Corbin hall on Nov 29 and 30.

Special Communities & Circumstances:

  • Corbin Hall will house one Fine Art LLC. If you want to live on a Fine Arts LLC, please contact an adviser in a Fine Arts department for approval.
  • Corbin Hall will house one Broadcasting LLC. If you want to live on the Broadcasting LLC, see a member of the Broadcasting faculty for approval if you are not approved/living on the Broadcasting floor.
  • Thompson Hall will house one Nursing floor. If you want to live on the Nursing LLC, see a member of the Nursing faculty for approval if you are not already approved/living on the Nursing floor.
  • Thompson Hall will house one Honors wing. If you want to live on the Honors LLC, contact the Honors college for approval if you are not already approved/living on the Honors floor.
  • Break Housing in Olson Hall: Students renewing to Olson Hall will have the option to purchase a "Break Housing" period during the renewal process. This will all you to stay over the Fall Break, Winter Break or Spring Break periods with a special rate.
  • International House The International House is on Olson 8.
  • Graduate and Family Housing renewal is coordinated during the Spring semester. If you are interested in moving to GFH, contact the GFH Office in Seal Hall at 309-298-3331 to see if you qualify and for lease information.
  • Potential RA Candidates: UHDS asks that all potential RA candidates still sign up for a room through our renewal process. If you are selected for a position, UHDS will automatically remove you from your renewed assignment and place you in an appropriate RA assignment.
  • Greek Releases: UHDS recommends that all students who are applying for Greek Releases renew their housing assignments. Greek Releases are not guaranteed to everyone since there is a limited number, and qualifications to receive a release have been increased (must be between 30 and 59 semester hours to qualify and have appropriate grade requirements). Anyone who receives a Greek Release will be notified after grades are released in May 2013.
  • Spoon River Students: visit Seal Hall for renewal information.

Prize Information:

  • All students who renew by February 15, 2013 will be entered into a raffle to win a Free Room for a Semester
  • 1 winner chosen from all students who renew
  • The raffle winner is required to live in the halls for both the Fall and Spring Semesters of the 2013-2014 academic year.
  • Prize amount will be the standard double room rate (excluding Grote double rate). This will only cover the room prices and does not include meal plan or additional fees. Prize amount can be applied to a single room with winner paying the difference.