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Requesting a Roommate from the Housing Contract Renewal screen on STARS

IMPORTANT: Requested roommate must confirm the request the same day that it was submitted. Click here to see How to Confirm a Roommate Request.

 Step 1: Enter WIU Student ID # for Requested Roommate

Step 1 Screenshot

Step 2: Confirm that the Requested Roommate's Name is Correct

Step 2 Screenshot

Step 3: Choose a Residence Hall

Step 3 Screenshot

Step 4: Select a Floor in the Selected Hall

Step 4 Screenshot

Step 5: Select a Room on the Selected Floor

Step 5 Screenshot

Step 6: Choose a Meal Plan

Step 6 Screenshot

Step 7: Accept Assignment

Step 7 Screenshot

Step 8: Choose Whether You Wish to Reserve a MicroFridge

Step 8 Screenshot

Step 9: Confirm Assignment

Step 9 Screenshot

Step 9: You are Finished! Press Enter to be Directed to the Summary Screen. 

Step 9 Screenshot

This screen summarizes your assignment and allows you to cancel your current roommate request until the requested roommate confirms. 

Final Screen Screenshot




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