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How does Renewal Work?

The first three days of renewal are devoted to students who wish to live in their same hall and current room with their current housing preferences (which help us determine roommate matches). Once same hall/same room renewal is complete, students are allowed to renew to eligible residence hall rooms across campus based on an assigned access time. Students can also make any changes to their housing preferences, choose their own roommates, select a dining plan and choose to rent a MicroFridge for the upcoming year during the Housing Renewal process.

  • Housing Renewal is accessible through STARS and you will have the opportunity to self-select your room for next year. Renewal is based on your current contract number, room/hall assignment as well as on a first come, first served basis.   
  • If your room is available, you will have the opportunity to renew to the room you live in now on January 27, 2014. See which rooms are NOT Available for a listing of closed communities, rooms and/or floors.    
  • On January 21, you will be assigned a time to renew (much like course registration). Assignments will be made based upon class status and housing contract number. You will be sent an email to your WIU email account with your specific times or you can check your STARS account. 
  • Based on your assigned renewal time, you will be able to search for open rooms up until February 28, 2014.
  • Each floor has a pre-assigned number of singles and doubles. Once that number has been reached for a particular community, that floor and/or building may not show as available for renewal. Once you find the room you want, you must select "YES" when asked to confirm the room.    
  • During the renewal process, you will be asked to update your housing preferences, required to select a meal plan option, and can choose to reserve a MicroFridge for next year.     

Roommate Holds

  • Roommate holds are available during Renewal. You can select a roommate using the student's WIU ID number. Once you have selected your roommate you can browse and select a room assignment
  • The person you requested must go in that day to confirm the request. 

Special Circumstances

Potential RA Candidates

UHDS asks that all potential RA candidates still sign up for a room through our renewal process. If you are selected for a position, UHDS will automatically remove you from your renewed assignment and place you in an appropriate RA assignment.

Greek Releases

UHDS recommends that all students who are applying for Greek Releases renew their housing assignments. Greek Releases are not guaranteed to everyone since there is a limited number, and qualifications to receive a release have been increased (must be between 30 and 59 semester hours to qualify and have appropriate grade requirements). Anyone who receives a Greek Release will be notified after grades are released in May 2014.

Spoon River Students

Visit the UHDS office, Seal Hall for Renewal information.

Graduate and Family Housing

GFH renewal is coordinated during the Spring semester. If you are interested in moving to GFH, contact the GFH Office in Seal Hall at 309-298-3331 to see if you qualify and for lease information.

Off-Campus Students

Students currently living off-campus who wish to live in the residence halls for the 2014-2015 academic year should visit the UHDS office in Seal Hall to fill out a housing contract and housing preference form. Once you have submitted a housing contract and preference form, you can expect your housing assignment in mid-February.



Housing Renewal

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